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The Oregon Trail (NBC 1977, Rod Taylor, Charles Napier)



Western drama series. Stories of a pioneering family in the days of the Old west. The series was pulled before all its episodes were shown.

The Oregon Trail is a 14-episode NBC western television series starring Rod Taylor as the widower Evan Thorpe, who leaves his Illinois farm in 1842 to take the Oregon Trail to the Pacific Northwest. The show also starred Andrew Stevens, Tony Becker, and Gina Marie Smika as Thorpe’s children. Darleen Carr starred as Margaret Devlin, one of the passengers on the wagon train, and Charles Napier portrayed Luther Sprague, a frontier scout recruited by Thorpe. The series was filmed in the Flagstaff, Arizona area.

Charles Napier as Luther Sprague
Andrew Stevens as Andrew Thorpe
Darleen Carr as Margaret Devlin
Rod Taylor as Evan Thorpe
Tony Becker as William Thorpe
Stella Stevens as Hannah Morgan

production info
First Air Date: September 21st, 1977
Last Air Date: November 30th, 1977
Genres:Western, Drama
Country: USA
Network: NBC
Production Company: Universal Television
Executive Producer: Michael Gleason
Number of Seasons: 1 Seasons
Number of Episodes: 13 Episodes