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The Other ‘Arf (ITV Sitcom, Lorraine Chase, John Standing)



The Other 'Arf ITV Sitcom, Lorraine Chase

Popular Pygmalion-esque ITV sitcom The Other ‘Arf focused on the relationship between cockney model Lorraine Watts (Lorraine Chase) and Tory MP Charles Lattimer (John Standing). It was a relationship fraught with difficulties – not only was Charles engaged to the frightfully posh Sybilla Howarth (Patricia Hodge) but the culture clash between Lorraine and Charles often meant they were odds. Especially in social situations.

There were a few changes for the third season, Charles had not only ditched Sybilla but also the Tory party, switching to the SDP instead. Season four also completely changed the situation – Charles had quit politics and the pair had turned the old family estate into a hotel.

Seasons three and four of The Other ‘Arf were made by Central following the franchise swaps of the previous year. Lorraine Chase had become something of a TV star thanks to the unlikely success of a Campari advert in which her cockney vowels were well to the fore. Terence Howard who had worked on Lorraine’s adverts created the series especially for her.

Cast: Lorraine Chase as Lorraine Watts; John Standing as Charles Latimer MP; John Cater as George Watts (Seasons 1-3); James Villiers as Lord Freddy Apthorpe (Seasons 1-3); Patricia Hodge as Sybilla Howarth (Seasons 1-2); Steve Adler as Brian Sweeney (Seasons 1-2); Natalie Forbes as Astrid Lindstrom (Season 1); Richard Caldicot as Bassett (Season 4); Sheila Keith as Mrs Lilley (Season 4)

Creator: Terence Howard / Script Editors: Dick Clement, Ian La Frenais / Producer: Tony Charles, Allan McKeown

UK / ITV – ATV – Central / 26×30 minute episodes / 30 May 1980 – 30 March 1984