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The Outsiders (ITV1 Thriller, Nigel Harman)



In one off ITV1 thriller The Outsiders, written by Caleb Ranson, Nathan Hyde (Nigel Harman) works for a secret spy organisation called Minus 12 that provides its services for hire to the highest bidder. He is teamed up with female operative Erica Chapman (Anna Madeley). to look into a mystery surrounding a stolen painting that has a much sought after secret formula coded into it.

Most likely a pilot for a series that never eventuated.

Cast: Nigel Harman (Nathan Hyde), Anna Madeley (Erica Chapman), Ben Crompton (Claude Truffaut), Niall Greig Fulton (Max Jenkins), Martin Potter (Cardinal), Daniel Goldenberg (Dan), Amy Lythgoe (Louise), Colin Salmon (Trainer), Brian Cox (Gabriel), Leigh Zimmerman (Helen Harlow), Stephanie Davis (Caitlin), Brigit Forsyth (Enid), Steven O’Donnell (Vernon Barnes), Anton Lesser (Maurice Heston), Hazel Maddock (Martha Heston), Gerry Hinks (Cleric)

Writer: Caleb Ranson / Music: Andrew Connell, Corrine Drewery / Executive Producers: Carolyn Reynolds, Tony Wood / Producer: Bill Boyes / Director: Andy Goddard

UK / ITV1 – Mersey TV / 1×70 minute episode / Broadcast 3 October 2006