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The Paul Squire Show (ITV Comedy, Bobby Knutt)



The Paul Squire Show Paul Squire ITV Comedy, Bernard Spear, Bobby Knutt

ITV sitcom The Paul Squire Show took us behind the scenes on impressionist Paul Squire’s comedy sketch show. The series mixed sitcom elements with the actual sketch elements of the Paul Squire show with comedian Bobby Knutt playing the scriptwriter, Anna Dawson was the Producer and Bernard Spear was the shows musical director.

Squire had been in show business since childhood as part of family Variety group The Millionaires. It was only after the Millionaires split in 1977 that Paul focused on impressions. He made a major impression at the 1980 Royal Variety Show which then led to this two season series.

Cast: Paul Squire as The star; Bernard Spear as The music director; Bobby Knutt as The writer; Anna Dawson as The producer; Debbie Arnold as The temporary secretary (Season 1)

Creator, Producer and Director: Royston Morley / Writers were Garry Chambers, Paul Squire, Wally Malston, Bill Martin, Max Sherrington, David Hansen and Paul Owen.

UK / ITV – ATV – Central / 11×30 minute episodes / 1981-82 Season 1 ATV and Season 2 Central