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The Planman (ITV1 Crime, Robbie Coltrane)



In two part crime drama The Planman Jack Lennox QC (Robbie Coltrane) divulges his hypothetical perfect robbery to an ex-policeman he has just successfully defended on corruption charges. Shortly after he reads of a heist carried out in the exact manner he described. He is asked to plan further perfect crimes and goes along with it until things start to go wrong.

Cast: Robbie Coltrane as Jack Lennox QC; Celia Imrie as Gail Forrester; Neil Dudgeon as ACC Brian Richards; Vincent Regan as Jim Townsend;John McGlynn as Crawford Hennessy-Boyd; Graham Crowden as Lord Belford; Matthew Zajac as John Baresci; Frank Miller as ‘Jam Jar’ McCausian; Gary McCormack as Davie Dargo; Martha Leishman as Cathy Townsend; Louise Beattie as Deirdre McIntyre; Georgina Sowerby as Leslie Galbraith; Felix Dexter as Alvin Thorsen; Iain Agnew as Lord Breadalbane; Sharon Mackenzie as Kirsty Hennessy-Boyd; Graham De Banzie as Doctor Tennant; Andrew Barr as ‘Buckie’ Snape

Creator: Ian Crook / Writer: Stuart Hepburn / Executive Producers: Robbie Coltrane, Angus Lamont / Producer: Mervyn Gill-Dougherty / Director: John Strickland

UK / ITV-1 – Ideal World Productions / 2×90 minute episodes / 31 March – 7 April 2003