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The Protectors (ITV Crime, Andrew Faulds, Ann Morrish)



Whitney Houston & Bobbi Kristina

Crime drama series The Protectors detailed the cases of a trio of security specialists, experts in crime prevention. Leading the team were Ian Souter (Andrew Faulds) and Robert Shoesmith (Michael Atkinson). Their offices were in Marylebone and Heather Keys (Ann Morrish) was their secretary and all purpose Girl Friday.

Unusually Faulds in the lead was not your typical clean cut hero sporting quite a luxurious beard.

Guest stars included Elizabeth Shepherd, Peter Bowles, Faith Brook, Brian Wilde, Derren Nesbitt, Jack May, Mike Pratt, Glynn Edwards, Martin Wyldeck, Roger Delgado, Derek Benfield, Tony Steedman and Derek Fowlds.

Scripts were contributed by amongst others Brian Clemens (credited as Tony O’Grady), Malcolm Hulke, John Lucarotti and Ian Kennedy Martin.

According to The Stage (27 Feb 1964) the original cast was set to include Guy Doleman as Shoesmith alongside Faulds and Morrish.

Classic quote: The criminals and us – we’re all in the same business. The difference is, our clients pay us to keep one jump ahead of the criminal mind. Diagnosis? Call the Police. Prognosis? Call WELbeck 3269.

No relation to the later early 1970’s ITC action adventure series of the same name.

Cast: Andrew Faulds as Ian Souter; Ann Morrish as Heather Keys; Michael Atkinson as Robert Shoesmith

Producer: Michael Chapman / Music: Robert Earley (aka Bob Sharples)

UK / ITV – ABC / 14×60 minutes / 28 March – 27 June 1964