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The Royalty (BBC Drama, Margaret Lockwood, Joan Hickson)



The Royalty BBC Drama, Margaret Lockwood

BBC drama series The Royalty told stories of the staff and guests at a luxurious London hotel. The owner of The Royalty was Mollie Miller (Margaret Lockwood), a shrewd and canny businesswoman who was able to treat everyone the same whether it be an Earl or the kitchen maid. Mollie oldest friend is lawyer Richard Manning (Hugh Sinclair). Head of reception was Miss Plimm (Joan Hickson), the bar staff were Fred Potter (Richard Pearson) and Maisie (Lana Morris).

Margaret’s daughter Julia played Carol in the second season.

Season one ran to 4 episodes (16 Oct – 6 Nov 1957) whilst season two was six episodes (20 June – 25 July 1958)

Cast: Margaret Lockwood as Mollie Miller; Joan Hickson as Miss Plimm; Hugh Sinclair as Richard Manning; Molly Urquhart as Jessie; Richard Pearson as Fred Potter; Lana Morris as Maisie; Christopher Steele as Harry; Julia Lockwood as Carol (series 2); William Lucas as Jim Pereira (series 2); Patrick Troughton as Larry Champion (series 2); David Cole as Chris Champion (series 2); Brenda Hogan as Shirley Masters (series 2)

Creators: Donald Wilson, Michael Voysey / Producer and Director: Campbell Logan

UK / BBC / 10×30 minute episodes / Broadcast 16 October 1957 – 25 July 1958 black and white