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The Thieving Headmistress (BBC Drama, Pauline Quirke)



One off BBC drama The Thieving Headmistress had a giveaway title and told the true story of Colleen McCabe (Pauline Quirke). Colleen was an ex-nun who became a head-teacher at a catholic school and with control of a large budget systematically stole from the school accounts to fund her own lavish lifestyle and expensive tastes whilst allowing the school facilities to suffer from neglect and over-stringent cost-cutting measures.

Cast: Pauline Quirke (Colleen McCabe), Denis Lawson (Father Plunkett), Peter Cellier (Father O’Malley), Mary Roscoe (Maureen Stapley), Naomi Allisstone (Pam), Stephen Critchlow (Detective Elliott), Richard Hope (Auditor), David Holt (Mr Huckerby), Hannah Walters (Ms Wallis), Emily Key (Young Colleen), Jessica Elliott (Shop Girl), John Walters (Priest), Bruce Barnden (Lawyer), David Barnaby (Judge), Geoffrey Palmer (Narrator)

Writers: Lucy Bowden, Norman Hull, Jane Woodrow / Music: Neil Barclay / Director of photography: Don Freeman / Production Design: David Munns / Executive Producers: David M. Thompson, Richard Klein, Magnus Temple / Producer: Lucy Bowden / Director: Norman Hull

UK / BBC Two – Firefly / 1×60 minute episode / Broadcast 19 July 2006