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The Three Kisses (BBC Comedy, Richard Murdoch)



In one off family entertainment The Three Kisses, based on Malvina of Brittany by Jerome K. Jerome, Lieutenant Arthur Raffleton (Ian Gelder) of the Royal Flying Corps is determined to discover if the legend that says if a fairy is kissed three times she assumes human form is true.

Cast: Richard Murdoch (Professor Christopher Littlecherry), Damian Earle (Jimmy Arlington), Julia Schopflin (Jane Arlington), Ian Hogg (Mr Arlington), Lynn Farleigh (Mrs Arlington), Ian Gelder (Arthur Raffleton), Natalie Ogle (Malvina), Margaret D’Arcy (Mrs Muldoon), Amanda Bell (Lucy), Frank Jarvis (Mr Marigold), John Rapley (Mr Calthorpe), Beth Harris (Mrs Calthorpe), Jill Gascoine (Mrs Marigold), John Crocker (Vicar), Janet Dale (Miss Hawthorne), George Bezani (Rufus)

Writer: Ben Steed / Based on Malvina of Brittany by Jerome K. Jerome / Production Design: Steve Brownsey / Executive Producer: Anna Home / Producer and Director: John Prowse

UK / BBC One / 1×65 minute episode / Broadcast Thursday 28 December 1978 at 5.40pm