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The Tunnel (Sky-1 2013-2018, Stephen Dillane, Clémence Poésy)The Tunnel (Sky-1 2013-2018, Stephen Dillane, Clémence Poésy)


The Tunnel (Sky-1 2013-2018, Stephen Dillane, Clémence Poésy)



In The Tunnel, a UK adaptation of the superb Danish-Swedish series The Bridge, detectives Karl Roebuck and Elise Wasserman working together to find a serial killer who left the upper-half body of a French politician and the lower-half of a British prostitute in the Channel Tunnel, at the midpoint between France and the UK. They later learn that the killer—who comes to be nicknamed the ‘Truth Terrorist’ — is on a moral crusade to highlight many social problems, terrorising both countries in the process.

Season 2 focused on a kidnapping and the third and final season, known as The Tunnel: Vengeance, was about the hunt for a serial killer called The Pied Piper.

production details
UK | Sky One | 24×42 minutes | 2013 – 18 January 2018

Script: Ben Richards

Stephen Dillane as Karl Roebuck
Clémence Poésy as Élise Wassermann
William Ash as Boleslaw ‘BB’ Borowski
Thibault de Montalembert as Olivier Pujol
Cédric Vieira as Phillipe Viot



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