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Australian TV

The Two Ronnies In Australia (Channel 9 1986 with Ronnie Barker and Ronnie Corbett)



Australia / 9 Network / 7×60 minute episodes / Broadcast 1986

Choreographer: Di Heaton / Costumes: Ron Williams / Production Design: Peter Tyers / Executive Producer: David Hill / Producer: Michael Hurll / Director: Brian C Morelli

Always popular in Australia comedy duo Ronnie Barker and Ronnie Corbett aka The Two Ronnies, embarked on a very popular tour of Australia in the mid 80’s which led to an offer from Channel 9 to make an Aussie centric version of their popular BBC sketch series (complete with same theme tune).

Each episode opens with a nice take on their two old blokes drinking in the pub and wishing they were in sunny Australia cut to a shot of them on Manly beach. The quality was pretty high and to be honest there was no discernable difference between this and the duo’s BBC output apart from maybe a little higher quotient of ever so slightly risque material and some possibly intentional early product placement, sony walkman etc. Some of the sketches were definitely remakes of BBC material too and many of their popular characters returned including the likes of Jehosephat and Jones the ever so slightly bizarre country and western singers, the two tramps and the two gentlemen at a party.

Interestingly this series has never been seen in the UK.

Musical guests included Julie Anthony, Jackie Love, Joan McInnes, Jon English, The Ronniettes, Martin Plaza, Louise Johnson & Stephen Lalor, Geraldine Turner,

Guests included Carol Adams, Margie McCrae, Lori Balmer, Naomi Eyers, Danielle Gaha, Josephine Meagher, Rhonda Carling-Rogers, Lynne Murphy, Kevin Howard, Eve McEvilly, Susan Collie, Susan Gibson, Ray Kerr-Lansom, Anne Semler and John Stone.