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The Watch (BBC America Fantasy, Richard Dormer, Adam Hugill)



The Watch BBC America Richard Dormer

The Watch is a fantasy crime drama based on characters from the DIscworld novels of Terry Pratchett. It’s about a group of misfit cops led by Captain Sam Vimes (Richard Dormer) in Ankh-Morpork.

Cast: Richard Dormer (Sam Vimes), Adam Hugill (Carrot), Marama Corlett (Angua), Samuel Adewunmi (Carcer Dun), Jo Eaton-Ken (Cheery), Lara Rossi (Lady Sybil Ramkin), Joe Vaz (Urdo van Pew), Anna Chancellor (Lord Vetinari), James Fleet (Archchancellor of Unseen University), Paul Kaye (Inigo Skimmer)

Creator: Simon Allen / Characters: Terry Pratchett / Music: Russ Davies / Executive Producers: Simon Allen, Rob Wilkins, Ben Donald, Hilary Salmon, Richard Stokes, Phil Collins

USA / BBC America / 8×60 minute episodes / January 2021