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The Wednesday Thriller: The Babysitter (BBC Drama, Yootha Joyce)



In Wednesday Thriller entry The Babysitter, which just happens to be the superb William Trevor’s television writing debut, an elderly man in his nineties (James Gibson) is convinced that his guardians Mr and Mrs Seam (played by the fab pairing of Kenneth Griffith and Yootha Joyce) are out to bump him off. His reason for thinking this – he has a morbid fear of cats so why have they brought one into the house.

Cast: Kenneth Griffith (Mr Seam), Yootha Joyce (Mrs Seam), Nora Nicholson (Miss Efoss), John Cater (Mr Mirksy), André van Gyseghem (Doctor Riordan), James Gibson (Old Man)

Writer: William Trevor / Director: Silvio Narizzano

UK / BBC One / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast 18 August 1965