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The Wind In The Willows (ITV 1970 with Paul Honeyman)



UK | ITV Network-Anglia

RUNNING TIME: 15 minutes | NUMBER OF EPISODES: 18 | AIRDATES: 11 July – 31 October 1970 Saturdays @ 12.30pm

DIRECTOR: John Salway | PLAYWRIGHT: Kenneth Grahame | DRAWINGS: John Worsley

A charmingly drawn children’s animation of Kenneth Grahame’s idyllic tale of four riverbank friends, Mole, Ratty, wise old Badger and the blustery Toad. Narrator was Paul Honeyman.

The Episodes were
1. The River Bank (Broadcast 11 July 1970)
Mole starts a new life on the Riverbank and meets Ratty.

2. More Adventures on the River Bank (Broadcast 18 July 1970)
Mole meets more new friends including Otter, Badger and Mr Toad.

3. The Open Road (Broadcast 25 July 1970)
Mole decides to pay Toad Hall a visit.

4. The Motor Car (Broadcast 1 August 1970)
All too late Mole realises that setting off on an adventure with Toad is not a good idea.

5. The Wild Wood (Broadcast 8 August 1970)
Whilst on a visit to Badger Mole is scared by the Wild Wood.

6. Mr Badger (Broadcast 15 August 1970)
Stuck in the wild wood Mole gets rescued by Ratty and meets up with Badger.

7. The Homesick Mole (Broadcast 22 August 1970)
Mole and Ratty head back to the River Bank after a day out hunting and Mole manages to find himself back in his beloved Mole End.

8. Visitors at Mole End (Broadcast 29 August 1970)
Mole is upset at what has happened to his former home.

9. Mr. Toad (Broadcast 5 September 1970)
Badger, Mole and Ratty decide Toad needs a good talking to.

10. The End of the Road? (Broadcast 12 September 1970)
After another raucus adventure Toad finds himself up in front of the Judge.

11. The Piper at the Gates of Dawn (Broadcast 20 September 1970)
Ratty and Mole hear the magical Pipes of Pan on the riverbank.

12. Mr. Toad Once More! (Broadcast 27 September 1970)
Mr Toad is in trouble once again and it looks like a washerwoman disguise may be his only way out of it.

13. The Chase (Broadcast 4 October 1970)
Disguised as a washerwoman Toad makes good his escape.

14. The Bargewoman (Broadcast10 October 1970)
Toad tangles with a bargewoman who is less than enamoured with him.

15. The Luck of Toad! (Broadcast 11 October 1970)
Toad’s driving gets him into trouble once again.

16. The Goings On At Toad Hall (Broadcast 18 October 1970)
When Ratty pays a visit to Toad he relays some important news to him.

17. The Secret Plan (Broadcast 24 October 1970)
Badger, Ratty, Mole and Toad hatch a secret plan to save Toad Hall.

18. The Battle of Toad Hall (Broadcast 31 October 1970)
The battle is on to save Toad’s home.




Firehouse (ABC 1974, James Drury, Richard Jaeckel)




Firehouse 1974

Action adventure series Firehouse detailed the exploits of a fire crew.

In the series Capt. Spike Ryerson commands the squad of brave and hardworking firemen of Engine Company 23 working out of Los Angeles County. Like the similarly themed “Emergency”, there was much rescuing of people from dangerous situations. The thirty minute running time was possibly a mistake although it did allow the series to focus on the action.

The TV Movie pilot was broadcast in 1973.

James Drury as Captain Spike Ryerson
Richard Jaeckel as Hank Myers
Michael Delano as Sonny Caputo
Brad David as Billy Dalzell
Bill Overton as Cal Dakin

crew details
Producers: Dick Berg, John Ireland, Richard Collins

production details
Country: USA
Network and Production Companies: ABC – Metromedia
Duration: 1×90 minute episodes 13×25 minute episodes
Aired From: 17 January – 1 August 1974

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Caribe (ABC 1975, Stacy Keach, Carl Franklin)




Caribe Stacy Keach

In Caribe Lt Ben Logan and his partner, the black Sgt. Mark Walters are based in Miami but worked with the Caribbean Force, an international agency that fought crime whenever Americans were involved.

NBC used a format similar to this later on when the created Miami Vice in 1984.

Stacy Keach as Lt. Ben Logan
Carl Franklin as Sgt. Mark Walters
Robert Mandan as Capt. Ed Rawlings

crew details
Executive Producer: Quinn Martin

production details
Country: USA
Network and Production Companies: ABC – Quinn Martin
Duration: x50 minute episodes
Aired From: 17 February – 11 August 1975

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FBI, The (ABC 1965-1974, Efrem Zimbalist Jr, Philip Abbott)





Long running crime drama series The FBI was allegedly based on real case files from America ’s Federal Bureau of Investigation this series told stories of Inspector Lewis Erskine who kept a very cool head whilst tracking down the bad guys. Erskine initially had a daughter (only in season one) but the producers didn’t want a family relationship getting in the way.

Some location filming was undertaken at the FBI’s real life Washington headquarters and the gang always drove the latest Ford cars because the show was sponsored by Ford. The show would also quite often close with an appeal to the audience focusing on America’s most wanted criminals.

The FBI 1960s

EFREM ZIMBALIST JR. as Inspector Lewis Erskine
PHILIP ABBOTT as Arthur Ward
LYNNE LORING as Barbara Erskine (1965-1966)
STEPHEN BROOKS as Special Agent Jim Rhodes (1965-1967)
WILLIAM REYNOLDS as Special Agent Tom Colby (1967-1973)
SHELLY NOVACK as Agent Chris Daniels (1973-1974)

crew details
Executive Producer: Quinn Martin
Supervising Producer: Adrian Samish
Producers: Charles Larson, Philip Saltzman, Anthony Spinner

production details
Country: USA
Network and Production Companies: ABC – Quinn Martin
Duration: 236×50 minute episodes
Aired From: 19 September 1965 – 8 September 1974

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