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Thick As Thieves (ITV 1972, Leonard Rossiter, Corin Redgrave)



Whitney Houston & Bobbi Kristina

Crime drama Thick As Thieves saw just out of jail professional criminal Eddy getting involved in a safe blowing job organised by his pal Trevor who is new to the game and as far as Eddy is concerned is a “gutless wonder”, things are soon going wrong.

This well regarded HTV drama scores high thanks in no small part to fabulous casting, as witnessed in the performances of Corin Redgrave’s Trevor and Leonard Rossiter’s superbly word weary Eddy.

Writers Bob Baker and Dave Martin, who are best remembered these days for their Doctor Who scripts, turned in some excellent material for HTV around this time including the similarly themed Machinegunner.

Leonard Rossiter as Eddy
Corin Redgrave as Trevor
Nina Baden-Semper as Rosanne
June Barrie as Eileen
George Woodbridge as Sidney
George Waring as Securicor guard
Michael Warren as First policeman
Daphne Heard as Mother
Rosemary McHale as Lynn
Horace James as Seymour
Max Diamond as Prison officer
Headley Goodall as Auctioneer
Jane Rushton as Teacher
Stan Cullis as Second policeman
Valerie Lorraine as Clerk

crew details
Writers: Bob Baker, Dave Martin
Designer: Doug James
Music Director: Eric Wetherell
Film Editor: Don Llewellyn
Producer and Director: Patrick Dromgoole

production details
Country: UK
Network and Production Companies: ITV Network – HTV
Duration: 1×75 minute episode
Aired From: Tuesday 29 February 1972 at 10.30pm