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Three Comedies of Marriage (ITV 1975, David Warner, Michael Bryant)



Three Comedies of Marriage was a short run (only 3 episodes) anthology series of single plays all involving marriage (hence the title of course).

David Warner starred in the first, Bobby Bluesocks (written by David Fitzsimmons) and this was Warners first small screen appearance for some time (he was interviewed in the week’s TV Times and seemed singularly unimpressed with his current lot in life. The second was a Donald Churchill comedy Feeling His Way, he didn’t act in this one though, Michael Bryant took the lead instead. Finally there was One of the Family by Terence Brady and Charlotte Bingham. Polly Adams starred.

production details
UK / ITV – Thames / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast 3 July – 17 July 1975

Story Editor: June Roberts / Producer: Peter Duguid

1. BOBBY BLUESOCKS (3 Jul 1975)
2. FEELING HIS WAY (10 July 1975)
3. ONE OF THE FAMILY (17 July 1975)