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Three Men In A Boat (BBC Comedy, Michael Palin, Tim Curry)



In one off comedy Three Men In A Boat, adapted by Tom Stoppard from the novel by Jerome K. Jerome, three friends, Jerome (Tim Curry), George (Stephen Moore) and Harris (Michael Palin) in Edwardian times take a boating holiday along the Thames.

Cast: Tim Curry (Jerome), Stephen Moore (George), Michael Palin (Harris), Bill Stewart (First Porter), Michael Elphick (Second Porter), John Blain (Traffic Supervisor), George Innes (Train Driver), Russell Dixon (Harris’ Cousin), Mary McLeod (Pathetic Woman), Clifford Kershaw (Irate Man), Alan Collins (Desolate Man), Eileen Helsby (Woman With Baby), Herbert Tucker (First Lock Keeper), Harry Markham (Second Lock Keeper), Tony Rohr (Blackmailer), Frank Mills (Old River Hand), John Dicks (Launch Owner), Anne Zelda (Fashionable Girl), William Russell (Doctor), Hugh Thomas (Chemist), George Camiller (Shelley), Alan Lawrance (Riverman), John Harding (First Scholar), John Burrows (Second Scholar)

Writer: Tom Stoppard / Novel: Jerome K. Jerome / Music: David Fanshawe / Production Design: Martin Collins / Producer: Rosemary Hill / Director: Stephen Frears

UK / BBC Two / 1×75 minutes / Broadcast 31 December 1975