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Time Is The Enemy (ITV Scifi, Clifford Elkin, Nigel Arkwright)



In family scifi drama serial Time Is The Enemy Jim Barnaby (Clifford Elkin) finds that his attic door leads back in time 150 years where he finds himself accused of being a French spy. Managing to escape back to his own time he finds, naturally enough, that nobody believes him. In something of a time paradox Jim discovers an account of his own death in a history book. He decides to travel back in time once more to best the man responsible for his death.

Cast: CLIFFORD ELKIN as Jim Barnaby; NIGEL ARKWRIGHT as Mr Porter; BETTY HUNTLEY WRIGHT as Mrs Deverill; DAVID LANDER as August Bellini; ANNE REID as Patience Mee

Writer: Sheilah Ward / Design: John Emery / Director: Daphne Shadwell

UK / ITV / 7×25 minute episodes / Broadcast 18 March – 29 April 1958