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Toma (ABC 1973, Tony Musante, Joseph Campanella)Toma (ABC 1973, Tony Musante, Joseph Campanella)


Toma (ABC 1973, Tony Musante, Joseph Campanella)



Crime drama series. Cases of undercover cop Dave Toma (based on the story of a real Dave Toma who appeared in five of the episodes).

Tony Musante starred in the title role as Toma with Susan Strasberg and Simon Oakland co-starring as his wife and police superior. The series was canceled after one season because Musante had only signed on for one and didn’t want to commit to a second run of episodes.

ABC didn’t want to lose the show so they signed Robert Blake to star as the second Toma. The only problem was Blake didn’t want to play a character already played by somebody else so the title was change to Baretta.

production details
USA / ABC / 1×90 22×50 minutes / 1973

Creator: Edward Hume
Producer: Stephen J. Cannell
Music: Mike Post, Pete Carpenter
Executive Producers: Roy Huggins, Jo Swerling Jr

Tony Musante as Dave Toma
Joseph Campanella
Mel Stewart
Roy Poole
Jack Kelly
William Daniels
Don Gordon
Abe Vigoda
John Kerr


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