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Tour De Pharmacy (HBO 2017, Andy Samberg, Danny Glover)



Tour de Pharmacy HBO 2017

In 1982, during a dark and fictitious time in cycling history, the sport’s most venerable, time-honored race was marred by the doping of virtually all of its competitors. Riddled with nefarious characters, that year’s competition was a hornet’s nest of moral depravity.

Through the perspective of five riders, comedy TOUR DE PHARMACY gives an inside look into the grim realities of the darkest event in a sport notoriously tainted by controversy.

Among the notables making appearances in TOUR DE PHARMACY are: John Cena, Daveed Diggs, Orlando Bloom, Freddie Highmore, Jeff Goldblum, Danny Glover, Julia Ormond, Dolph Lundgren, James Marsden, Kevin Bacon, Nathan Fielder, Will Forte, Maya Rudolph, Joe Buck, Mike Tyson, J.J. Abrams, Phylicia Rashad, Chris Webber, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje and Lance Armstrong.

Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje
Andy Samberg
Chris Webber
Danny Glover
Daveed Diggs
Dolph Lundgren
Freddie Highmore
J.J. Abrams
James Marsden
Jeff Goldblum
Joe Buck
John Cena
Julia Ormond
Kevin Bacon
Lance Armstrong
Maya Rudolph
Mike Tyson
Nathan Fielder
Orlando Bloom
Phylicia Rashad
Will Forte

key behind the scenes crew
Andy Samberg as Executive Producer
David Bernad as Executive Producer
Jake Szymanski as Co-Executive Producer/Director
M. Elizabeth Hughes as Producer
Murray Miller as Executive Producer/Writer

show type
Comedy, TV Movie

broadcast from
Saturday 8 July 2017

network and production companies
HBO – Legends of Sport




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