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Treasure Hunt (Channel 4 1982-1989, 2002, Anneka Rice, Kenneth Kendall)



Popular quiz show Treasure Hunt, from the early years of Channel 4, saw Anneka Rice takes to the skies in a chopper searching for clues in various locations for two contestants who were in the studio and couldn’t see Anneka (they communicated via Radio Mic). Kenneth Kendall and Wincy Willis were also on hand to try and help the contestants win £1,000. For the final series tennis player Annabel Croft replaced Anneka.

Then in 2002 there was a short lived (five episodes) revival of the format, this time for Channel 4. This time Dermot Murnaghan presents from the studio with the contestants as they attempt to solve the clues in a fixed amount of time; and Suzi Perry is out and about in a helicopter following their directions.

The show was based on the format of the French show La Chasse au Trésor, created by Jacques Antoine.

production details
UK | Channel 4-Chatsworth | 88×50 minutes and 5×45 minutes | Broadcast 28 December 1982 – 18 May 1989 and 16 December 2002 – 2 August 2003

Channel 4 Version
Creator: Ann Meo Producers: Malcolm Heyworth, Peter Holmans, Angela Breheny

2002 Revival
Producer: Hester Davies
Executive Producer: Malcoln Heyworth

Anneka Rice
Annabel Croft
Kenneth Kendall
Wincey Willis
Suzi Perry
Dermot Murnaghan



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