Trials Of O’Brien, The (CBS 1965-1966, Peter Falk, Joanna Barnes)

Though it was only on for one season, The Trials of O’Brien was an interesting series, and featured Peter Falk as a New York attorney whose personal life was sometimes more trying than his professional life. He was behind in the rent on his luxurious penthouse, behind in alimony payments to his beautiful ex-wife, and was a rotten gambler.

Somehow, no matter how much money he made, it went out just as quickly as it came. His cases were treated seriously, but his personal problems were not. Falk’s wonderful characterization in this series layed much of the foundation for his later Lt. Columbo.

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production details
USA / CBS / x50 minute episodes / Broadcast 18 September 1965 – 6 May 1966

Theme Song: The Theme from the Trials of O’Brien by Sid Ramin.

Peter Falk as Daniel J. O’Brien
Joanna Barnes as Katie O’Brien
David Burns as The Great McGonigle
Ilka Chase as Margaret
Elaine Stritch as Miss G.
Dolph Sweet as Lt. Garrison

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