Triangle (BBC-1 1981-1983, Kate O’Mara, Larry Lamb)

Twice weekly drama series Triangle told stories of the staff and passengers of a ferry, plying its trade via Felixstowe, Rotterdam and Gothenberg.

The series gained a certain amount of notoriety for it’s cheapness, bad lighting and pretending the weather was fine (Kate O’Mara sunbathing topless in the winter for example) when it obviously wasn’t. In fact it was so bad it’s become a cult classic. The BBC had high hopes of it becoming an all-year-round soap opera.

The on board location led to unplanned moments of humour as seasick cast members tried to remember their lines!

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Kate O’Mara was ferry siren and purser Katherine Laker who was the only glamorous thing about the project but she bowed out after the first season. Michael Craig, a star of ’50s and ’60s films, was Captain John Anderson and Larry Lamb was love-hungry ship’s engineer Matt Taylor – in fact this pair were the only two to stay the distance.

A shame really as the production team were all stalwarts who knew what they were doing and the casting was generally of a high level.

production details
UK / BBC One / 78×25 minute episodes / Broadcast 5 January 1981 – 6 July 1983

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Creator and Producer: Bill Sellars / Script Editor: Ted Rhodes / Music: Johnny Pearson

Kate O’Mara as Katherine Laker (season one)
Michael Craig as Captain John Anderson
Larry Lamb as Matt Taylor
Diana Coupland as Marion Terson (season two)
Paul Jerricho as Charles Woodhouse (season two)
Scott Fredericks as Tom Kelly (season two)
Pauline Munro as Jane Anthony (season two)
Jamie Roberts as Bill Ryan (season two)
Penelope Horner as Sarah Hallam (season two)
Julia Chambers as Barbara Carter (season two)
Dawn Addams as Mrs Landers (season three)
George Baker as David West (season three)
Paul Jerricho as Charles Woodhouse (season three)

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