Tru Calling (Fox 2003-2005, Eliza Dushku)

What would you do if you could relive a day? If you’re Tru Davies, you’d save lives. Tru is a smart, sexy recent college graduate who, when her high-powered medical internship falls through, finds herself working the midnight shift at the New York City morgue.

One night, Tru questions reality when she thinks she hears a beautiful murder victim asking for her help. But the next morning, our heroine wakes up to find that she is back at the beginning of that very same day – twelve hours before a murder that only she knows about is set to take place. With the clock ticking, Tru is compelled to traverse the city of New York over those next twelve hours to prevent this wrongful death, while at the same time rescuing members of her own family from their dangerous and self-destructive lives.

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Eliza Dushku as Tru Davies

show type

broadcast from
10/30/03 – 4/21/05
2 seasons of 26 episodes with one that failed to air at the time but was later seen on scifi.

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