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My Two Dads (NBC 1987-1990, Paul Reiser, Greg Evigan)



My Two Dads

How did one girl get so lucky? When Nicole Bradford was orphaned by her mother at age eleven (that wasn’t the lucky part), she was left with not one but TWO fathers (that was). It turned out that Nicole’s mother, Marcy Bradford, was dating two men simultaneously, and never determined which was Nicole’s biological father. Paul Reiser (later of Mad About You fame) played one of Nicole’s fathers, Michael Taylor—the yuppie, conservative professional who was strict on curfews and dating. On the other side of the spectrum was Dad #2, Joey Harris (Greg Evigan, the “B.J.” half of B.J. and the Bear)—an eccentric, free-spirited musician.

This living arrangement made decorating somewhat difficult. Smack dab in the middle of their loft was a huge stuffed red velvet car, which served as a couch. Not exactly typical fare for a stuffy financial analyst, this couch did for interior decorating what Jennifer Anniston’s haircut did for hairdressers. Another source of conflict was Nicole’s style of dress. Michael was a big fan of Nicole’s conservative private school uniform, but Greg supported many of her wilder attempts at fashion.

Unfortunately for Michael and Joey, the judge who awarded them custody of Nicole also owned their building, and she often dropped by unexpectedly to add her unsolicited and sarcastic advice regarding Nicole’s upbringing. Judge Wilbur also served as a surrogate mother to Nicole, often coaching her in lessons of life and love that the menfolk just couldn’t give.

Though viewers never saw a gray hair spring up in Michael’s perfectly groomed coif or Joey’s silky mane, Nicole’s active social life would be enough to turn give any father nightmares. Episodes dealt with topics ranging from an innocent first date to Nicole’s dating a rebel. Interspersed with Nicole’s romantic escapades were occasional episodes focusing on the women Michael and Joey brought home. Most of their relationships turned sour as they usually discovered that they only had room for one girl in their lives.

Watching Nicole from the wings, along her two dads, was her awkward friend Cory. Cory loved Nicole from afar, and would often show up when Nicole had another date scheduled, only to receive yet another pep talk from Michael or Joey. Alas, Nicole had her eyes on Zack, the local heartthrob and her usual boyfriend. Shelby was Nicole’s worldly best friend, and former pro footballer Dick Butkus played Ed Klawicki, owner of the local soda shop that served as the backdrop for many of Nicole’s dates and social activities.

After three seasons of double-daddy parenting woes, My Two Dads went off the air. In the final episode, Nicole chose not to take a blood test to find out which of the loveable lugs was her biological parent. To her, they were both her true fathers.

production details
USA / NBC – Columbia – Tristar – Michael Jacobs / 60×25 minute episodes / Broadcast 20 September 1987 – 16 June 1990

Creators: Michael Jacobs, Danielle Alexandra

Staci Keanan as Nicole Bradford
Greg Evigan as Joey Harris
Paul Reiser as Michael Taylor
Florence Stanley as Judge Margaret Wilbur
Dick Butkus as Ed Klawicki (1987-89)
Chad Allen as Zach Nichols (1989-90)
Amy Hathaway as Shelby Haskell (1989-90)
Giovanni Ribisi as Cory Kupkus
Don Yesso as Julian (1989-90)