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USA A2 – The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet to All in the Family



Alias Smith and Jones

ABC/Stage Five / 435x30m-e / 1952-66 (3 October 52 – 3 September 66) black and white

Producer: Ozzie Nelson

Sitcom. Episodes in the domestic life of the Nelson family. The final 26 episodes were filmed in colour. On the radio show which came before this TV version the kids were palyed by actors as opposed to Ozzie and Harriet’s real kids who appeared in this.Ricky Nelson actually became a big pop star during the shows run. See also Ozzie’s Girls.

With:- OZZIE NELSON as Ozzie / HILLIARD NELSON as Harriet / DAVID NELSON as David / RICK NELSON as Rick / JUNE NELSON as June NELSON (61-66) / CHRIS NELSON as Chris / DON DEFORE as ‘Thorny Thornton (52-58) / PARLEY BAER as Darby (55-61) / LYLE TALBOT as Joe Randolph (56-66) / MARY JANE CROFT as Clara Randolph (56-66) / FRANK CADY as Doc Williams (54-65) / SKIP YOUNG as Wally (57-66) / GORDON JONES as Butch Barton (58-60) / JAMES STACEY as Fred (58-64) / JOE FLYNN as Mr Kelly (60-62) / CONSTANCE HARPER as Connie Edwards (60-66) / JACK WAGNER as Jack (61-66) / CHARLENE SALERNO as Ginger (62-65) / IVAN BONAR as Dean Hopkins (64-66) / GREG DAWSON as Greg (65-66) / SEAN MORGAN as Sean (65-66)



ABC/Screen Gems/ Herbert B. Leonard Prod. / 165x25m-e / 1954-59

Producer: Herbert Leonard, Fred Briskin

Western adventure series. Stories of German Shepherd dog Rin Tin Tin and his orphan master Rusty, the pair were taken under the wing of the Fighting Blue Devils of the 101st Cavalry during the days of the old west. Rin Tin Tin had previously featured in a long running series of films.

With:- LEE AAKER as Rusty / JAMES L. BROWN as Lt Rip Masters / JOE SAWYER as Sgt Aloysius ‘Biff’ O’Hara / JOHN HOYT as Col Barker / RAND BROOKS as Corp Randy Boone



Sheldon Reynolds / 39x30m-e / 1955 black and white

Period crime drama series. Cases of the great detective and his doctor sidekick Watson.

With:- RONALD HOWARD as Sherlock Holmes / HOWARD MARION CRAWFORD as Dr Watson



Syndicated/Atlantis/ All American / 42x60m-e / 1996-98 2 Seasons

Creator: Ed Naha / Music: Matthew McCauley / Executive Producers: Peter Sussman, Ed Naha, David Gerber

Fantasy action adventure series. Mighty Sinbad and his crew roam the seas fighting magical demons and other demons. At the start of season two’s opening episode Maeve was killed off and replaced by the similar Bryn. A series much in the style of Hercules:The Legendary Journeys.

With:- ZEN GESNER as Sinbad / GEORGE BUZA as Doubar / JACQUELINE COLLEN as Maeve (Season One) / TIM PROGOSH as Firouz / ORIS ERHUERO as Rongar / MARIAH SHIRLEY as Bryn (Season 2)



ABC / 104x30m-e / 1953-57

Producers: Robert Maxwell, Bernard Luber, Whitney Ellsworth

SciFi drama series. Superman fights evil whilst working in his guise of Clark Kent for newspaper The Daily Planet. Seasons 1 & 2 were made in black and white (There were 52 colour and 52 black and white in fact) and the show was the first science fiction show to be shown on the ITV network in the UK.

With:- GEORGE REEVES as Superman/Clark Kent / PHYLLIS COATES as Lois Lane (season 1) / NOEL NEILL as Lois (seasons 2-4) / JACK LARSEN asJimmy Olsen / JOHN HAMILTON as Perry White / ROBERT SHAYNE as Inspector Henderson



Syndicated-Federal-Bernard Schubert / 39x30m-e / 1955 black and white

Crime drama series. Cases of freelance investigator Mike Waring aka The Falcon. Based on a long running film series.

With:- CHARLES McGRAW as Mike Waring (The Falcon)



Wesmore Inc. / 26x30m-e / 1958 black and white

Action adventure series. Exploits of a group of scientists whose base happens to be a ship called the Sea Hawk.




Normandie / 39x30m-e / 1957-58

Executive Producer: Leon Fromkess, Anthony Veiller / Characters: Norman Reilly Raine / Director: Leslie Goodwins

Sitcom. Widow Captain Annie Brennan has regular battles with her chief rival Captain Horatio Bullwinkle. Tugboat Annie originally began as a newspaper comic strip and a series of films.

With:- MINERVA URECAL as Annie Brennan / WALTER SANDE as Horatio Bullwinkle / DON BAKER as Whitey / DON ORLANDO as Pinto / JAMES BARROW as Jake



Syndicated / 113x30m-e / 1951-58

Western drama series. The adventures of Wild Bill Hickok, a marshal in the days of the Old West. Bill had a fat partner called Jingles and a horse called Buckshot. Only very loosely based on the real Wild Bill. The duo also starred in a radio version throughout most of the 1950’s.

With:- GUY MADISON as Marshal James Butler Hickok / ANDY DEVINE as Jingles



CBS / x30m-e / 1960-61 (4 August 60 – 22 September 61)

An anthology series, the episodes of which had all been seen before on Schlitz Playhouse.



MTV/Colossal / 20x10m-e 10x30m-e / 1991-95

Writer: Peter Chung / Executive Producer: Japhet Asher, Abby Terkuhle

Animated crime drama series. Ultra violent adventures of female secret agent Aeon Flux, mostly Flux was on the hunt for a man with a deadly virus. Originally part of a segment on MTV’s ‘Liquid Television’ slot.


Aeon Flux…………………………. DENISE POIRIER

Trevor Goodchild………………… JOHN RAFTER LEE



ABC / x30m-e / 1978 23 March – April Thursdays 9.30pm

Sitcom. Stories of Dr Antonio ‘Tony’ Menzies working out of the Adult Emergency Services department of a hospital in Hudson Street, New York.

With:- GREGORY SIERRA as Dr Antonio ‘Tony’ Menzies / ROSANA DE SOTO as Nurse Rosa Santiago / STAFAN GIERASCH as J. Powell Karbo / SUSAN PERETZ as Ambulance Driver Foshko / RALPH MANZU as Ambulance Aide Stanke / RAY STEWART as Nurse Newton / BILL CORT as Dr Mackler / ALLAN MILLER as Dr Glick



Family Channel / 52x30m-e / 1992-94

Drama series. Adventures of a pair of South African teens, the white Rory and the black Jam, Rory lived on Freedom Ranch with his mum Margo.

With:- CATHERINE BACH as Margo Dutton / SIMON JAMES as Rory Dutton / ROUXNET BROWN as Jam Mathiba / ROBERT MITCHUM as Sam Dutton / NAKEDI RIBANE as Nyasa Mathiba / RAIMUND HARMSTORF as Raimund



CBS / 8x30m-e / 2002 First Episode: Friday 29 March

This eight part reality series from Tony Scott (Top Gun) and Ridley Scott (Black Hawk Down) followed three Air Force aviators as they trained to become qualified in the F-15 fighter squadron.



CBS / x30m-e / 1983-84 26 September 83 – 18 December 84 / Mondays 9.00pm

Sitcom. Sequel to M*A*S*H with Klinger, Potter and Father Mulcahy getting to grips with civilian life after the Korean War and working at the General Pershing Veterans Adminstrations Hospital which was based in River Bend, Missouri. Klinger brought his Korean bride Soon-Lee home with him.

With:- JAMIE FARR as Maxwell Klinger / HARRY MORGAN as Sherman Potter / WILLIAM CHRISTOPHER as Father Mulcahy / BARBARA TOWNSEND as Mildred Potter / ANN PITONIAK as Mildred Potter (2) / ROSALIND CHAO as Soon-Lee Klinger / JOHN CHAPPELL as Mike D’Angelo / MICHAEL GOETZ as Wally Wainwright(1984) / JAY O. SANDERS as Dr Gene Pfeiffer / BRANDIS KEMP as Alma Cox / LOIS FORAKER as Nurse Colman / WENDY SCHAAL as Bonnie Hornbeck / PAT CRANSHAW as Bob Scannell / SHIRLEY LANG as Nurse Crown



NBC / x30m-e / 1993-94 (1 October 93 – 22 July 94 / Fridays 8.00pm)

Sitcom. Ed Clemons, a football mad insurance salesman in the town of Sumpter, Texas gives up his job to become coach to the less than successful Sumpter Mustangs football team.

With:- JOHN TERRY as Ed Clemens / DONNA BULLOCK as Maggie Clemons / ROBYN LIVELY as Jill Clemons / BEN AFFLECK as Joe Willie Clemons / VANESSA LEE EVIGAN as Jenny Clemons / STEPHEN TOBOLOWSKY as Niles Hardeman / RICK PETERS as Bobby Taylor / DEREK McGRATH as Abel



Fox / x60m-e / 1990-91 (23 September 90 – 12 April 91 / Sundays 10.00pm then Fridays 9.00pm)

Comedy drama series. The cases of lawyer Simon MacHeath after he had set up his own legal practice.

With:- MICHAEL O’KEEFE as Simon MacHeath / SUZZANNE DOUGLAS as Yvette Carruthers / ELIZABETH RUSCIO as Elizabeth Verhagen / M.C. GAINEY as J.T. Meigs (Miggsy)



CBS-Radiant / x60m-e / 2001

Crime drama series. Cases of a highly skilled team of CIA agents based in Washington, D.C. “The Agency” is the first television series ever granted permission to film inside CIA headquarters.

With:- Gil Bellows as Matt Callan / Rocky Carroll as Carl Reese / Paige Turco as Terri Lowell / David Clennon as Joshua Nankin / Ronny Cox as Alex Pierce III / Will Patton as Jackson Haisley



NBC / x60m-e / 2000

Cookery/chat. Exuberant British chef Ainsley Harriott in a US daytime show mixing cookery items with chat moments, Harriott also placed his recipes on the internet.



Syndicated / 23x60m-e / 1998-99

Action adventure series. Rio Arnett runs an air freight service (the Air America of the title) in South America which he uses to cover his activities as a member of the O.S.I (the Office of Strategic Implementation).

With:- LORENZO LOMAS as Rio Arnett / SCOTT PLANK as Wiley Farrell / DIANA BARTON as Alison Stratton / GARY WOOD as Edward Furman / ARTHUR ROBERTS as Will Jenner / SHAUNA SAND as Dominique / GILBERT MONTOYA as Pablo



CBS-USA Cable Network-Universal-Bellisarius Prod. / x60m-e / 1984-87

Creator: Donald Bellisario / Executive Producer: Bernard Kawalski, Donald Bellisario

Action adventure series. Exploits of the crew of super advanced helicopter Airwolf working for the US Government. The show underwent a change in 1987 when CBS cancelled the show, it then carried on but with a slightly different cast on the USA Cable Network.

1984-86 Cast:- JAN-MICHAEL VINCENT as Stringfellow Hawke / ERNEST BORGNINE as Dominic Santini / ALEX CORD as Michael Archangel / JEAN BRUCE SCOTT as Caitlibn O’Shaughnessy / DEBORAH PRATT as Marella / 1987 Cast:- BARRY VAN DYKE as St John Hawke / ANTHONY SHERWOOD as Jason Lock / MICHELE SCARIBELLI as Jo Santini / GERAINT WYN DAVIES as Major Mike Rivers



ABC / x30m-e / 1984 (6 March – 17 April / Tuesdays 8.30pm)

Executive Producer: Norman Lear

Sitcom. Hispanic Paul (Pablo to his friends and family – hence the title) tries to make it as a stand up comic.

With:- PAUL RODRIGUEZ as Paul ‘Pablo’ Rivera / JOE SNATOS as Domingo Rivera / KATY JURADO as Rosa Maria Rivera / ALMA CUERVO as Sylvia Rivera / MARTHA VELEZ as Lucia Rivera Del Gato / ARNALDO SANTANA as Hector Del Gato / BERT ROSARIO as Manuel Rivera / MARIA RICHWINE as Carmen Rivera / MARIO LOPEZ as Tomas Del Gato / BETO LOVATO as Mario Del Gato / MICHELLE SMITH as Elena Del Gato / ANTONIO TORRES as Nicholas Rivera / EDIE MARIE RUBIO as Linda Rivera



CBS / x30m-e / 1950-53 (6 April 50 – 21 June 53) black and white

Writers: Leo Solomon, David R. Schwartz, Alan Young

Comedy, variety, sketch style show starring the popular Alan Young, in spring 1953 the show had a sitcom format with Young working in a bank (this also featured Dawn Addams as Kay Prindall his girlfriend). The show then reverted to its old format.



ABC/Warner / 36x50m-e / 1959-60 (4 October 59 – 25 September 60 / Sundays 9.30pm) black and white

Action adventure series. In the late 1890’s Silky Harris and Reno McKee are determined to make their fortune in the Alaskan gold rush.

with:- ROGER MOORE as Silky Harris / JEFF YORK as Reno McKee / DOROTHY PROVINE as Rocky Shaw / RAY DANTON as Nifty Cronin



NBC / x60m-e / 1955-57 16 October – 22 September black and white

High quality live anthology series many names appeared including Joanne Woodward, Edddie Albert, Martin Balsam and Walter Matthau. Basil Rathbone even appeared in a musical version of Scrooge called The Stingiest Man in Town.



ABC / x60m-e / 1961-63 (10 October 61 – 12 September 63 / Tuesday 10.00pm then Thursday 10.00pm)

Anthology series that was hosted by the great Fred Astaire. Some very big names appeared including Lee Marvin, James Stewart, Brian Keith, Charlton Heston, Telly Savalas and Astaire himself.



NBC / x30m-e / 1957-60 (7 October 57 – 19 September 60 / Monday 9.30pm)

A filmed anthology series of dramas that each edition featured one of the five stars in a lead role, these were David Niven, Charles Boyer, Robert Ryan, Jack Lemmon and Jane Powell. The above named stars only appeared until 1958.



NBC / x30m-e / 1949-53 (2 October 49 – 29 May 53) black and white

Creator: Clifford Goldsmith

Sitcom. Episodes in the life of a typical suburban family, mainly concerned with teenage son Henry. Based on a long running radio show and original play, the show is mainly notable for the large number of actors who played each of the characters. 5 different Henrys for example.

with:- BOB CASEY as Henry (1949-50) / RICHARD TYLER as Henry (1950-51) / HENRY GIRARD as Henry (1951-52) / KENNETH NELSON as Henry (1952) / BOBBY ELLIS as Henry (1952-53) / HOUSE JAMESON as Sam Aldrich / LOIS WILSON as Alice (1949-51) / NANCY CARROLL as Alice (1950-51) / BARBARA ROBBINS as Alice(1951-53) / CHARITA BANER as Mary (1949-50) / MARY AMLONE as Mary (1950-52) / JUNE DAYTON as Mary (1952-53) / JACKIE KELK as Homer Brown (1949-51) / ROBERT BARRY as Homer Brown (1951-52) / JACKIE GRIMES as Homer Brown (1952-53) / LEONA POWERS as Mrs Brown / HOWARD SMITH as Mr Brown / MARCIA HENDERSON as Kathleen / ETHEL WILSON as Aunt Harriet



Elliot Friedgen & Co/ The Wolper Organisation / 3x120m-e / 1992

Writer: David Stevens / Novel: Alex Haley / Design: Rodger Maus / Camera: Tony Imi BSC / Executive Producers: David L. Wolper, Bernard Sofronski / Director: John Erman

Period drama serial. After having an affair with her white plantation owner boss a black slave girl gives birth to a half caste daughter, Queen, she finds herself a servant to her pampered half sister but determined to break free and make something of her life. Based on the life of Alex Haley’s paternal grandmother.




NBC/Alien / 101x30m-e 1x60m-e / 1986-90

Creators: Paul Fuscho, Tom Patchett / Executive Producers: Tom Patchett, Bernice Brillstein / Producer: Paul Fuscho

Scifi Sitcom. A Furry alien life form (ALF for short) crashes his spaceship in the backyard of suburban family The Tanners. The family decide to take him in and sheild him from the authorities. ALF pretty soon takes over.

With:- MAX WRIGHT as Willie Tanner / ANNE SCHEDEEN as Kate Tanner / ANDREA ELSON as Lynn Tanner / BENJI GREGORY as Brian Tanner / PAUL FUSCO as Alf’s Voice / JOHN LA MOTTA as Trevor Ochmonek / LIZ SHERIDAN as Racquel Ochmonek / JOSH BLAKE as Jake Ochmonek / J.M.J. BULLOCK as Noel Tanner(89-90)



CBS/NBC/Shamley / 268x30m-e 93x60m-e / 1955-62

Creator: Alfred Hitchcock / Theme Music: Gounod’s Funeral March of a Marionette

An anthology series of twist in the tale stories by the master of menace himself. Hitch himself directed twenty episodes. Hundreds of big name talents appeared in front of behind the camera. See also The New Alfred Hitchcock Presents.



ABC-Touchstone / x60m-e / 2001-

Creator: J.J. Abrams / Executive producers J.J. Abrams and John Eisendrath / Co-executive producer Ken Olin / Producer Sarah Caplan / Stunt coordinator John Medlen / Cinematographer Michael Bonvillain

Action adventure series. A kind of Buffy meets Mission Impossible meets The Assassin in which kickboxing college student Sydney Bristow is drafted into the CIA. Jennifer Garner as Bristow won a Golden Globe award for her role (winning best performance by an actress in a TV drama series). Filmed in Los Angeles, California

With:- Jennifer Garner as Sydney Bristow / Ron Rifkin as Sloane / Michael Vartan as Vaughn / Bradley Cooper as Will / Merrin Dungey as Francie / Carl Lumbly as Dixon / Kevin Weisman as Marshall / Victor Garber as Jack Bristow / Lena Olin as Irina Derevko (from season two)



ABC/Universal / 1x90m-e 49x60m-e / 1971-73

Creator/Producer: Glen A. Larson / Music: Billy Goldenburg / Executive Producer: Roy Huggins

Western comedy drama series. Wanted outlaws Jed Curry and Hannibal Heyes are desperate to go straight, they are granted an amnesty by the Governor of Kansas but only if they can stay out of trouble for a whole year, and the deal has to remain secret. The pair are forced to take aliases, Curry as Thaddeus Jones and Heyes as Joshua Smith, as they try their best to keep out of trouble for a year.Pete Duel who played Hannibal Heyes committed suicide halfway through the series run apparantly unable to cope with the success of the series. The series, however, carried on with Duel simply being replaced by Roger Davis who in the first season voiced the opening narration which explained the premise behind the series, Ralph Story took over as the narrator for the years 1972-73.

With:- PETE DUEL as Hannibal Heyes(1971-72) / ROGER DAVIS as Hannibal Heyes(1972-73) / BEN MURPHY as Jed ‘Kid’ Curry



CBS/Warner / 202x30m-e / 1976-85

Creator: Robert Getchell / Producers: Bruce Johnson, Madelyn Davis, Bob Carroll Jnr, Noam Pitlik,

Sitcom. Widow Alice Hyatt struggles to bring up her son whilst working as a waitress at Mel’s Diner.Alice is also a singer and yearns to hit the big time.

With:- LINDA LAVIN as Alice Hyatt / VIC TAYBACK as Mel Sharples / PHILIP McKEOWN as Tommy Hyatt / BETH HOWLAND as Vera Louise Gorman / POLLY HOLLIDAY as Flo Castleberry(76-80) / CELIA WESTON as Jolene Hunnicutt(81-85) / DIANE LADD as Belle Du Pree(80-81) / MARTHA RAYE as Carrie Sharples(82-84) / PAT CRANSHAW as Andy(76-78) / CHARLES LEVIN as Eliot Novak(83-85) / MICHAEL DURRELL as Nicholas Stone(84-85) / MARVIN KAPLAN as Henry (77-85)



TCF / Kenneth Johnson Prod / 1x120m-e 21x60m-e / 1989-90

Creators: Kenneth Johnson, Rockne O’ Bannon / Music:Steve Dorff, David Kuntz, Larry Herbstritt / Executive Producer: Kenneth Johnson

SciFi crime drama series. In 1995 a quarter of a million aliens from the planet Tenkton land in America. The series followed one of them and his family as they try to assimilate themselves into society with the husband(taking the name George Francisco) becoming a cop. Based on the film of the same name, since the series ended there have been occasional two hour TV Movies. Five so far, these have been 1994:Dark Horizon, 1995:Body and Soul, 1996: Millennium, The Enemy Within, 1997:The Udara Legacy.

With:- GARY GRAHAM as Det Matthew Sikes / ERIC PIERPOINT as Det George Francisco / MICHELLE SCARABELLI as Susan Francisco / LAUREN WOODLAND as Emily Francisco / SEAN SIX as Buck Francisco / TERRI TREAS as Cathi / JEFF MARCUS as Albert Einstein



Fox / 8x30m-e / 1996 15-22 March and 27 July – 31 Aug

Theme music: Todd Rundgren

Scifi sitcom. Single Dad Doug is kidnapped by an alien called Cookie and amazingly the pair fall in love and marry. Pulled from the evening schedule after two episodes the remaining turned up on Saturday Morning TV.

With:- JOHN BEDFORD LLOYD as Doug Broday / MARGARET TRIGG as Cookie Brody / PAIGE TIFFANY as Adam Brody / CHRIS MARQUETTE as Heather Brody / JULIE DRETZEN as Sally Hagen



CBS / x15m-e / 1950 (17 April – 11 May)

Thrice weekly comedy starring ventriloquist Al Robinson (his dummy gave the show its name). The show went out on Mondays/ Thursdays and Fridays at 7.45pm



Warner Bros / x30mins / 2003

Sitcom. Barbershop star Anthony Anderson plays a struggling actor and single dad who moves back home to provide a stable environment for his eight year-old son. Add a supportive mother (Amen’s Roz Ryan) and a cantankerous dad (Good Times star John Amos) to the mix and you have a sitcom that Anderson promises will tackle some serious issues.




ABC/Touchstone/Heartfelt/Sandollar / 19x30m-e / 1994-95

Creator: Gary Jacobs / Producer: Bruce Johnson

Sitcom. Korean Margaret Kim, living in America, is happy to settle into Western ways and date American boys but her mother longs her to settle down with a nice Korean boy.

Margaret Kim…………………….. MARGARET CHO

Katherine Kim……………………. JODI LONG

Benny Kim……………………….. CLYDE KUSATSU

Grandma………………………….. AMY HILL

Ruthie…………………………….. MADDIE CORMAN

Gloria……………………………… JUDY GOLD

Eric Kim………………………….. J.B. QUON

Stuart Kim……………………….. B.D. WONG



CBS/Tandem / 196x30m-e 5x60m-e 1x90m-e / 1971-79

Creator: Johnny Speight / Executive Producer: Norman Lear, Bud Yorkin, Mort Lachman / Producer: Milt Josefberg

Sitcom. Episodes in the life of the bigoted Archie Bunker and his family. This landmark and very popular show (in America at least) was an adaption of Britain’s Till Death us Do Part. Several spin-offs were spawned:- Archie Bunkers Place, Gloria, The Jeffersons, Maude and 704 Hauser. On 16 Feb 1991 there was a 90 minute CBS special called All in the Family 20th Anniversary special. The show was never shy of tackling issues such as abortion, homosexuality and so on, in fact Archie had something to say about most things. Catchphrases included “Still Yourself”, “Dingbat” and “Meathead”. Lear made a pilot for the ABC called Those Were The Days but they passed on the show only for CBS to take up the option and see it become a runaway hit.

With:- CARROLL O’CONNOR as Archie Bunker / JEAN STAPLETON as Edith Bunker / ROB REINER as Michael Stivic / SALLY STRUTHERS as Gloria Bunker Stivic / ISABEL SANFORD as Louise Jefferson (1971-75) / MIKE EVANS as Lionel Jefferson (1971-75) / MEL STEWART as Henry Jefferson (1971-73) / SHERMAN HEMSLEY as George Jefferson (1973-75) / DANIELLE BRISEBOIS as Stephanie Mills (1978-79) / ALLAN MELVIN as Barney Hefner (1973-79)