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USA A3 – All Is Forgiven to Angel



ally mcbeal


NBC / 9x30m-e / 1986

Sitcom. Paula Russell starts her new job as producer of TV soap All is forgiven on the same day she marries executive Matt. Paula soon realises most of her new co-workers are not quite ‘on the ball’.

With:- BESS ARMSTRONG as Paula Russell / TERENCE KNOX as Matt Russell / CAROL KANE as Nicolette Bingham / SHAWNEE SMITH as Sonia Russell / VALERIE LANDSBURG as Lorraine Elder / JUDITH-MARIE BERGAN as Cecile Porter-Lindsey / DAVID ALAN GRIER as Oliver Royce / BILL WILEY as Wendell Branch / DEBORAH RICHTER as Sherry Levy



ABC /1970 – continuing (first episode: Monday 5 January 1970 / 1.00pm)

Creator: Agnes Nixon / Original music by Dina Dore (1970-1990), Carlina Paul (1970-1990)

Long running soap that concerned itself with the lives of the many incumbents of the Chandler family and the Martin family who were involved in a long running rivalry with the Chandler’s, the show has never been afraid to tackle the odd controversial subject in it’s time and was the first daytime soap to tackle the issue of abortion. The show was actually first mooted by Nixon back in the early sixties but didn’t reach the air until 1970. The show has stayed consistently near the top of the ratings since the late 1970’s.

Important Cast Member Have Included :- Rosemary Prinz as Amy Parker Tyler (1970) / Susan Lucci as Erica Kane Martin Brent Cudahy Chandler / Ray MacDonnell as Dr. Joseph “Joe” Martin, Sr. MD (1970-) / Ruth Warrick as Phoebe Tyler-Wallingford (1970-) / Julia Barr as Brooke English Cudahy Chandler Martin Martin #2 (1976-1981, 1982-) / Mary Fickett as Ruth Parker Brent Martin, R. N. #1 (1970-1996, 1999-present) / Alan Dysert as Sean Cudahy (1979-1981, 1988-1991) / Raúl Dávila as Hector Santos (1994-1996) / Louis Edmonds as Lenny Wlasuk (aka Professor Langley Wallingford) (1979-1995) / Eugene J. Anthony as Stan ‘Mr. U’ Ulatowski (1988-1991) / Terrell Anthony as Tad Martin (temporary replacement) (1990) / Matthew Anton as Thaddeus “Tad the Cad” Gardner Martin #1 (1973-1974) / Joel Fabiani as Barry Shire #2 (1999-present) / Ali Farahnakian as Dr. Bill Stannart (2002) / Antonio Fargas as Les Baxter (1982-1983, 1987) / Dylan Fergus as. Timothy “Timmy/Tim” Hunter Dillon #3 (2002-present) /
William Ferriter as Kurt Sanders (1980-1981) / John Fiedler as Noel (1996) / John Fiore as Hendricks (1999) / Brian Fitzpatrick as Mitchell “Mitch” Beck (1987-1988) / Jim Fitzpatrick as Pierce Riley #1 (1995-1996) / Larry Fleischman as Benjamin “Benny/Bingo” Sago #1 (1976-1979) / Steve Fletcher as Matthew Connolly (#2) (1989) / Bourke Floyd as Geo (1999-2000) / David Forsyth as Jim Thomason #2 (1997-1998)/Bob Thomasen (1998) / Charles Frank as Jeffrey Martin (#2) (1970-1975, 1988, 1995) / Hugh Franklin as Dr. Charles Tyler (1970-1983, 1985) / Zen Gesner as Braden Lavery (1997-1998) / Brian Lane Green as Brian Bodine #3 (1993-1994) / Finola Hughes as Dr. Alexandra “Alex” Devane Marick (1999-2001)/Anna Devane Hayward (2001-present) / Jack Stauffer as Dr. Charles “Chuck” Tyler, II #1 (1970-1972) / Ralph Waite as Bart (2001) / Christopher Wines as Dr. Jeffrey “Jeff” Martin #1 (1970) / Dom DeLuise as Traffic Cop (1991) / Tina Louise as Tish Pridmore (1994) / Lee Meriwether as Ruth Parker Brent Martin, R. N. #2 (1996-1999) / Gina Belafonte as Polly (1987-1988) / Maureen O’Sullivan as Olive Whelan (1981) / Elizabeth Taylor as Chairwoman Trannell (1983) / Melody Anderson as Natalie Marlowe Hunter Courtlandt Chandler Dillon, R. N. #2 (1992-1993) / Samantha Eggar as Charlotte Devane (2000) / Sarah Michelle Gellar as Kendall Hart Lang Henry #1 (1993-1995)



UPM / x30MINS / 2003

Sitcom. Loosely based on the blended real lives of Academy Award nominee Will Smith and wife Jada Pinkett Smith, a divorced father (Duane Martin) with a young son and a new girlfriend (Elise Neal) is hoping his stubborn ex-wife (Lisa Raye) will not interfere. Although Robert (Martin) is not officially divorced, he is already planning on getting remarried. Although buzz in Hollywood points to the behind-the-scenes presence of creator/executive producers Will and Jada, Will has only made a commitment to appear in a three-episode story line (as the new boyfriend of the soon-to-be ex-wife) and the average TV viewer won’t care if the Smiths are working behind the camera. Did anyone, after all, really care that Sandra Bullock had a behind-the-scenes presence on ABC’s George Lopez? Did it help that two-time Oscar winner Jane Fonda spun off a sitcom from hit theatrical 9 to 5?




CBS-Norman Lear / 23x30m-e / 1976-77 20 September 76 – 15 August 77

Creators: Rod Parker, Bob Schiller, Bob Weiskopf / Director:Bob Claver

Sitcom. Problems in the life of couple Richard and Charlotte, the main one being that Richard (a political journalist) was 49 and Charlotte (a photographer) was at 23 less than half his age.

With:- RICHARD CRENNA as Richard C. Barrington / BERNADETTE PETERS as Charlotte ‘Charley’ Drake / LEE CHAMBERLAIN as Lucy Daniels / J.A. PRESTON as Allen Brooks / JUDY KAHAN as Ginger Livingston / JACK DODSON as Senator Wayne Joplin / MICHAEL KEATON as Lanny Wolf (1977)



HBO / 1x65m-e / 1988

Director: Walter C. Miller

Comedy. A tribute to Los Angeles Theatre The Improv, hosted by Robert Klein and starring Robin Williams and Billy Crystal.



ABC/Fox/David E. Kelly / x60m-e / 1998-2002

Creator/Executive Producer: David E. Kelly / Theme Music: Vonda Shepherd

Comedy drama series. Thirty something lawyer Ally McBeal doesn’t know whether she is coming or going or whether she wants to be married and have kids. Music played a very integral part of the show from the regular performances by Vonda Shepherd to the cast breaking into song (often in the unisex toilet) at the drop of a hat. Barry White’s classic My First, Last, My Everything seemed to be featured on a regular basis. Another aspect of the show was the regular fantasy scenes Ally indulged in, most famously the image of the dancing baby signifying her ticking biological clock. Big name guest stars were drafted in over the last couple of seasons most notably Robert Downey Jr, Jon Bon Jovi and Dame Edna Everage.

With:- CALISTA FLOCKHART as Ally McBeal / COURTNEY THORNE-SMITH as Georgia / GIL BELLOWS as Billy Alan Thomas / JANE KRAKOWSKI as Elaine Bassel / GREG GERMANN as Richard Fish / LISA NICOLE CARSON as Renee Raddick / PETER MacNICOL as John ‘The Biscuit’ Cage / PORTIA De ROSSI as Nelle Porter (1998- )/ LUCY LIU as Ling Woo (1998-) / VONDA SHEPHERD / TRACEY ULLMAN as Dr Tracey Clark (1998-2000) / JESSE L. MARTIN as Dr Greg Butlers (1998-) / ERIC AND STEVEN COHEN as The Dancing Twins / BROOKE BURNS as Jennifer Higgin (1997) / DYAN CANNON as Jennifer ‘Whipper’ Cone



ABC/Fox / 10x30m-e / 1999

Creator: David E. Kelly

Sitcom. Spin-off from Ally McBeal. The funny moments from that show, rejigged into a sitcom format, with out-takes and some specially shot new stuff.

With:- CALISTA FLOCKHART as Ally McBeal / COURTNEY THORNE-SMITH as Georgia / GIL BELLOWS as Billy Thomas / JANE KRALOWSKI as Elaine Vassel / GREG GERMANN as Richard Fish / LISA NICOLE CARSON as Renee / PETER MacNICOL as John ‘The Biscuit’ Cage / PORTIA De ROSSI as Nelle / LUCY LIU as Ling



CBS / x60m-e / 1988-89 27 November 88 – 27 February 89 Sundays 9.00pm then Mondays 10.00pm

Drama series. 25 years in the life of one time married couple Norman and Suzie Long Foley who though now divorced still spent a lot of time together. The show made heavy use of flashbacks looking at key moments in the couples lives.

With:- TIMOTHY DALY as Norman Foley / EVE GORDON as Suzie Long Foley / RITA TAGGART as Joan Foley / MICHAEL ALLDREDGE as Frank Foley / ANITA GILLETTE as Vi Long / RICHARD SCHAAL as Dick Long / OCEAN HELLMAN as Anya Foley / ALBERT MACKLIN as Joey Long / RAFFI DIBLAGIO as Jackson Foley



CBS-Paramount-Levine and Isaacs / 34 x30m-e / 1995-96 17 September 1995 – 30 October 1996

Producers: Mike & Linda Teverbaugh, Lavinia Adamson / Executive Producers: Robin Schoff, Ken Levine, David Isaacs

Sitcom. The problems facing TV executive producer Kim Cooper who tries to juggle finding a serious relationship with the demands of her job.

With:- NANCY TRAVIS as Kim Cooper / KEVIN KILNER as Mike Ryan / CHIP ZIEN as Gary Karp / MATTHEW LETSCHER as Rob / DAVID CLENNON as Neal / PATTY SHAPIRO KARP as Lisa Edelstein



ABC / x60m-e / 1981 25 February – 29 April Wednesdays 9.00pm

Light hearted comedy drama series about the staff and guests of the upmarket Paradise Village holiday resort in Hawaii.

With:- DEBBIE REYNOLDS as Sydney Chase / BILL DAILY as Curtis Shea / PAT KLOUS as Fran Linhart / MOKIHANA as Evelyn Patinui / STEPHEN SHORTRIDGE as Richard Bean



Warner Bros / x30m-e / 1997-98 7 September 97 – 5 July 98

Sitcom. Episodes in the life of harassed Carol Lerner; Single, in her thirties and looking for love, Carol also had trouble dealing with the problems of her family and worked as an optometrist in Collins Avenue Optical and was based in Miami.

With:- CAROL LEIBER as Carol Lerner / AMY YASBECK as Renee / JERRY ADLER as Alvin Lerner / MITZI McCALL as Miriam Lerner / STACEY GALINA as Jessica Lerner / MAURY STERLING as Vaughn Lerner



NBC / 1x120m-e / 24 December 1951

Writer: Gian-Carlo Menotti

This musical Nativity play written especially for television quickly became an annual Yuletide fixture, Chet Allen played Amahl for many years but the show continued until well into the sixties with a mainly different cast each time. Rosemary Kuhlmann who played Amahl’s mother continued in the role for years.



ABC / 12x30m-e / 1983 10 Feb – 26 May

Sitcom. A USA adaptation of Fawlty Towers with the central character turned into a female. Amanda rules her hotel Amanda’s By the Sea with a rod of iron. The US tried another Fawlty Towers adaptation in 199 with the lacklustre Payne.

With:- BEA ARTHUR as Amanda / FRED McCARREN as Marty Cartwright / SIMONE GRIFFITH as Arlene Cartwright / TONY ROSATO Aldo / RICK HURST as Earl Nash / KEENE CURTIS as Clifford Mundy / KEVIN McCARTHY as Zack Cartwright



NBC / 5x60m-e / 1995 1-22 April Saturdays 8.00pm

Drama series. After almost dying nurse Hannah Miller switches careers and becomes a minister, Hannah soon comes into conflict with deacon Arthur Sutherland.

With:- PATTY DUKE as Hannah Miller / MARGUERITE MOREAU as Jenny Miller / DAN LAURIA as Harry Kramer / JUSTIN GARMS as Brian Miller / JOE SPANO as Detective Dominick Corso / GAVOIN HARRISON as Link / ROBIN GAMMELL as Arthur Sutherland / LORRAINE TOUSSAINT as Yvonne Price



EMI/Roger Gimbel / 2x96m-e / 1977

Writer: John Gay / Executive Producer: Roger Gimbel / Producer: Herbert Hirschman / Music: Laurence Rosenthal / Director: William A. Graham

Drama serial. The life of extremely eccentric billionaire Howard Hughes from his film years(Jane Russell in the Outlaw etc) to his Aviation experiments and to his final descent into isolated paranoia.

With:- TOMMY LEE JONES as Howard Hughes / ED FLANDERS as Noah Dietrich / JAMES HAMPTON as Wilbur Peterson / TOVAH FELDSHUH as Katherine Hepburn / LEE PURCELL as Billie Dove / MARLA CARLIS as Jane Russell / JIM ANTONIO as George



ABC / x30m-e / 1951-52 (24 September 51 – 10 March 52 / Mondays 8.00pm)

Crime drama series. The cases of crime lawyer John J. Malone who used his skills to solve many a mystery. Based on a radio series of the same name.

With:- LEE TRACY as John J. Malone



Fries&Goodman / 2x90m-e / 11x60m-e / 1978-79 5 April 1978 – 6 July 1979

Producers: Robert Janes, Ron Satlof, Lionel E.Siegel

Scifi drama series. Photographer Peter Parker is bitten by a radioactive spider and ends up with special powers, he uses them to fight crime and evil. The final few episodes specials.

With:- NICHOLAS HAMMOND as Spiderman/Peter Parker / CHIP FIELDS as Rita / ROBERT F. SIMON as J. Jonah Jameson / MICHAEL PATAKI as Capt. Barbera / ELLEN BRY as Julie Mason



NBC-Universal-Amblin / 45x30m-e / 1985-87 29 September 1985 – 15 May 1987

Devisors: Steven Spielberg, Joshua Brand, John Falsey / Theme Music: John Williams / Executive Producer: Steven Spielberg

Anthology series of Scifi/fantasy dramas that attracted the cream of Hollywood, both in front of and behind the camera. Martin Scorsese, Steven Spielberg, Clint Eastwood and Robert Zemeckis were among the directors. Guest stars included Kevin Costner, Drew Barrymore, Mark Hamill and Charlie Sheen amongst many others.



Syndicated / 90x30m-e / 1971-75

Magic/Entertainment. Mind boggling feats of magic and mind reading by the prestidigitator Kreskin. Host was Bill Luxton and celebrity guests occasionally appeared, William Shatner amongst them. The 1975 episodes were titled The New Kreskin Show.



NBC/Carson/Stein & Illes / 110x30m-e / 1986-91

Creator: Ed Weinberger / Producer: Ken Johnston, Bob Peete, Marilyn Lancar

Sitcom. Exploits of Ernest J. Frye a black lawyer and deacon of the First Community Church of Philiadelphia. The first religious sitcom made by US TV.

With:- SHERMAN HEMSLEY as Deacon Ernest J. Frye / CLIFTON DAVIS as Rev Reuben Gregory / ANNA MARIA HORSFORD as Thelma Frye/Gregory / MARIA McDONALD as Michelle / BARBARA MONTGOMERY as Casietta Hetebrink(86-90) / ROZ RYAN as Amelia Hetebrink / FRANKLYN SEALES as Lorenzo Hollingsworth(86-87) / JESTER HAIRSTON as Rolly Forbes / ROSETTA LE NOIRE as Leola Forbes(87-89)



ABC / x120m-e / 1975 ( 6 Jan – 30 Oct)

Weekday morning news round up shown Monday to Friday 7am to 9am and which was the fore runner of Good Morning America. Hosts were Bill Beudel, Peter Jennings and Stephanie Edwards, when Edwards left in May various guest presenters (among the likes of Lynn Redgrave and Candice Bergan) were drafted in. When ratings didn’t improve the show was revamped and Good Morning America was born.



USA / NBC / x60m-e / July 24, 1978-January 4, 1979
Broadcast Mon-Fri. Noon-1 p.m.

Talk show. The daytime disaster of 1978 was America Alive, originating “live from New York,” as debut guest Chevy Chase would say. Like many other TV failures, the hype was much greater than the sum of its parts. Its much-vaunted screen that let people talk back and forth with one another, for example, was nothing more than the same process producer Woody Fraser used when he started Good Morning America. Host Jack Linkletter was fine, but the show had Bruce Jenner, Pat Mitchell, and Janet Langhart, the latter a co-host of the daily Good Day series on WCVB Boston, file choppy reports outside the studio that often set an uneasy pace. Also awkwardly mixed were segments on shopping advice by David Horowitz, sex talk from Masters and Johnson, comic bits from Orkin and Berdis, and entertainment news and reviews from David Sheehan in Hollywood. Regulars included Virginia Graham (1978), David Horowitz, Brace Jenner, Janet Langhart, Jack Linkletter, [Dr. William H.] Masters and [Virginia] Johnson, Pat Mitchell, Dick Orkin and Bert Berdis, David Sheehan



The Fifties Inc. / 8x30m-e / 1997

Writer/Director: Alex Gibney / Music: George Blondheim / Producer: Nancy Button

Documentary. Series focusing on 1950’s American life from politics to popular culture. Narrated by Michael Ontkean.



ABC-Dick Clark Productions / 1957-87

Very long running music based show with kids dancing to the latest hits and with occasional appearances from music acts of the day. Each year a dance contest was held (the film Grease pastiched this to great effect). The show originally began in Philadelphia in 1957, original host was Bob Hern replaced by Dick Clark in 1956 who remained until 1987 when the show was briefly presented by David Hirsch. The show finished its run on the USA Network after ABC dropped the show.



ABC / 1x90m-e x60m-e / 1981 (26 April – 10 June / Mondays 9.00pm)

Drama. With a new baby on the way the Novak family decide to move from their suburban home, the place they find is right in the middle of inner city Chicago and adjustments have to be made by all of the family.

With:- STEPHEN MACHT as Danny Novak / KAREN CARLSON as Donna Novak / TIM WALDRUP as Casey Novak / MICHAEL HERSHAWE as Todd Novak / ANDREA SMITH as Jennifer Novak / HANS CONREID as Abe Berlowitz / JOHN McINTIRE as Sam Whittier



NBC / 17x30m-e / 1990-91 13 September 90 – 22 June 91

Sitcom. When his wife dies big time reporter Tom Nash decides to quit the rat race moving with his kids to a small town in Wisconsin.

With:- ROBERT URICH as Tom Nash / CAROL KANE as Lillian Abernathy / CHAY LENTIN as Rachel Nash / JOHNNY GALECKI as Danny Nash / MARGARET WELSH as Holly Baker / JEFFREY TAMBOR as Joe Baines



NBC / x60m-e / 2002

Executive Producers: Clark and Jonathan Prince

Period drama series In the early 1960’s the Pryor family living in Philadelphia try to get on with their lives, for fifteen year old daughter Meg her lives ambition is to become a dancer on Dick Clark’s locally produced “American Bandstand.”

With:- Brittany Snow as Meg / Vanessa Lengies as Roxanne / Gail O’Grady / Tom Verica as Jim Pryor / Ethan Dampf / Sarah Ramos / Joseph Lawrence / Rachel Boston



Fox / x60-m-e / 2002

Drama series. In this six-week replacement for the waning Ally McBeal, Arija Bareikis is featured as Emma Brody (which was the original title of this series), a former Toledo, Ohio resident who accepts a job as vice consul at the U.S. Embassy in London.

With:- Arija Bareikis as Emma Brody / Jonathan Polk / Michael Cerveris



PBS / 1x180mins / 2003 (8 September)

Two years ago, filmmaker Ric Burns (Ken’s brother) had just finished his epic series New York: A Documentary Film when Al Qaeda made it, well, unfinished again. Hence this postscript chronicling the World Trade Center’s rise and fall. It’s elegant and elegiac (and achingly sad). But the World Trade Center saga fits so snugly into the New York psyche that Burns so ambitiously psychoanalyzed over the series’ first 14 and a half hours that you can’t really call it a “postscript.” Burns also has an interview Phillippe Petit, the 24-year-old Frenchman who shocked the world — and delighted New Yorkers — with his tightrope walk between the two towers in 1974. Petit might have been the only person to have truly loved the Twin Towers and was, says Hamill, “the first person to humanize these things.”



PBS / 12x60m-e / 1973

Producer: Craig Gilbert

Documentary. A Fly on the Wall glimpse in to the lives of a supposedly typical Californian family. A British version called The Family appeared the following year.



CBS-Columbia / 11x60m-e / 1978 23 September – 10 November Saturday 9.00pm

Producer: Harve Bennett, Harris Katleman

Action adventure series. Exploits of a pair of female reporters who operated out of a camper van. The girls, Rebecca and Amy, worked for TV show The American Report.

With:- PRISCILLA BARNES as Rebecca Tomkins/ DEBRA CLINGER as Amy Waddell / DAVID SPIELBERG as Francis X. Casey / WILLIAM PRINCE as Jason Cook



CBS-Universal-MCA-Renaissance / 22x60m-e / 1995-96 22 September 1995 – 11 July 1996

Creator: Shaun Cassidy / Producer: David Eick / Executive Producer: Sam Raimi, Robert Tapert

Fantasy drama series. Devil like Sheriff Lucas Buck rules the town of Trinity with a rod of iron and holds the lives of its inhabitants in his hands.

With:- GARY COLE as Sheriff Lucas Buck / PAIGE TURCO as Gail Emory / JAKE WEBER as Dr Matt Crower / BRENDA BAKKE as Selena Coombs / SARAH PAULSON as Merlyn Temple / LUCAS BLACK as Caleb Temple / NICK SEARCY as Ben Healy / CHRISTOIPHER FENNELL as Boone MacKenzie / JOHN MESE as Dr Billy Peele (1996) / LYNDA CLARK as Rita Barber (1996)



NBC / x30m-e / 1951-55 black and white

A strange series that mixed all kinds of forms from dramas, documentary and even taking in ballet on the odd occasion. Hosted by Ray Morgan the series was also known as American Gallery for a time.



Fox / x60mins / 2003

Reality. Sitting in for American Idol until January, this talent show from the makers of Idol and hosted by Ryan Seacrest showcased kids age 6 to 13 vying for a spot in a five-member pop-group.



Zohne/BBC ‘Storyville’ / 1x75m-e / 6x40m-e / 1999

Producer/Director: Jennifer Fox

Documentary. Series looking at two years in the lives of a New York mixed race family, headed by Mum Karen White and Dad Bill Sims and their daughters Chaney and Cicely. Bill was the black half of the partnership. The UK showing was broadcast on consecutive evenings 30 Oct – 5 Nov 1999.



USA / UPN / x60minute episodes / 2003-2004

The premise for this salacious reality series is simple: Twelve beautiful women, handpicked by creator and producer Tyra Banks, compete for a modeling contract while living together in a freakishly decorated Manhattan loft. Each week, one supermodel wannabe was eliminated from the competition based on their performance during the “model training” exercises. The lone survivor received a prize package from IMG Models, cosmetics manufacturer Sephora and Jane magazine.



NBC / x60m-e / 1961 (23 January – 11 September / Mondays 7.30pm)

Western drama series. During the Civil War Ben Canfield fights for the union whilst his brother Jeff fights for the Confederacy.

With:- DARRYL HICKMAN as Ben Canfield / DICK DAVALOS as Jeff Canfield



CBS/Hal Roach / 78x30m-e / 1951-53

Producer: Freeman Gosden, Charles Correll / Theme Music: Angel’s Serenade by Gaetano Braga

Sitcom. Exploits of two working class black men living in Harlem. The pair mainly got involved in exploits suggested by George ‘The Kingfish’ Stevens (The Kingfish being his ‘lodge’ title). This show popular at the time(and from a long running radio series), later became unacceptable from the sixties onwards(at that time it was in syndication). The series was highly stereotypical in its portrayal of blacks and since 1966 has largely remained unseen.

With:- ALVIN CHILDRESS as Amos Jones / SPENCER WILLIAMS as Andy Hogg Brown / TIM MOORE as George ‘The Kingfish’ Stevens / ERNESTINE WADE as Sapphire Stevens / JOHNNY LEE as Lawyer Algonquin J. Calhoun / HORACE STEWAT as Lightnin’ / AMANDA RANDOLPH as Sapphire’s Mum / LILLIAN RANDOLPH as Madame Queen



NBC (Mystery Movie) / x120m-e / 1974-75 (1 December 74 – 6 July 75 / Sundays 8.30pm)

Crime drama series. Widowed 30 something Amy Prentiss finds herself promoted to Chief of Detectives with the San Francisco PD. The show was part of the NBC Mystery Movie series.

With:- JESSICA WALTER as Amy Prentiss / STEVE SANDOR as Detective Tony Russell / ARTHUR METRANO as Detective Rod Pena / JOHNNY SEVEN as Detective Contreras / HELEN HUNT as Jill Prentiss / GWENN MITCHELL as Joan Carter



2x120m-e / 1986

Book: The Riddle of Anna Anderson by Peter Kurth / Director: Marvin Chomsky

Period drama serial. The story of Anna Anderson who in 1919 after a bout of amnesia claims to be the youngest daughter of Czar Nicholas but finds her story being questioned on all sides.




Syndicated / x60m-e / 2000 (First Episode: 2 October 2000)

Creator: Gene Roddenberry / Music: Alex Lifeson / Executive Producers: Majel Barrett, Allan Eastman, Robert Hewitt Wolfe

Scifi drama series. Dylan Hunt is the captain of the starship Commonwealth, having spent the last 300 years in suspended animation, is awakened and embarks on a mission to create a new commonwealth. Another of the series created from the ashes of ideas left behind by Star Trek creator Roddenbery.

With:- KEVIN SORBO as Captain Dylan Hunt / KEITH HAMILTON COBB as Tyr Anasazi / LISA RYDER as Beka Valentine / LEXA DOIG as Andromeda / LAURA BERTRAM as Trance Gemini / GORDON MICHAEL WOOLVETT as Seamus Harper / BRENT STAIT as Rev Bem



CBS / 13x60m-e / 1977 31 January – 9 July

Creator: Frank Cucci / Producers: Bob Sweeney, Larry Rosen

Drama series. Cases of investigative journalist Mike Andros who worked for the New York Forum and often got involved with the seedier side of life.

With:- JAMES SUTORIUS as Mike Andros / PAMELA REED as Sandi Farrell / ROY POOLE as Chet Reynolds / ALAN MIXON as Norman Kale / TED BENIADES as Wayne Hillman / JORDAN CHARNEY as Ted Bergman



CBS-Mayberry / 249x30m-e / 1960-68 3 October 60 – 16 September 68

Sitcom. Stories of Sheriff Andy Taylor in the small town of Mayberry in North Carolina. Taylor was a widower with a young son (Opie), the pair of them lived with Andy’s Aunt Bee.
Crime in Mayberry was of the distinctly petty variety and much of the comedy centred around Andy, his family life and working life especially with his somewhat stupid deputy Barney Fife.
Throughout the show’s run Andy had a couple of love interests, the first was druggist Ellie Walker and then later schoolteacher Helen Crump whom Andy ended up marrying in 1968, when Andy Griffith decided to call it quits with the show it was still pretty popular and the network decided to carry it on under the new name of Mayberry RFD, Andy helped with the change over by appearing in the first episode (it was in this episode that he married Helen and the pair then moved away from the town).
There were two spin offs from the series, the 1964 sitcom Gomer Pyle USMC (which concerned the Gomer Pyle character played by Jim Nabors joining the marines, Pyle was the gas pump attendant in Mayberry) and also in 1965 The Don Knotts Show ( a variety series).
In re-runs the show is sometimes seen as Andy of Mayberry and in April 1986 the whole cast re-united for a TV movie called Return to Mayberry.

With:- ANDY GRIFFITH as Andy Taylor / DON KNOTTS as Barney Fife (1960-65) / RONNY HOWARD as Opie Taylor / ELINOR DONAHUE as Ellie Walker (1960-61) / FRANCIS BAVIER as Aunt Bee Taylor / HOPE SUMMERS as Clara Edwards / JIM NABORS as Gomer Pyle (1963-64) / ANETA CORSAUT as Helen Crump (1964-68) / GEORGE LINDSEY as Goober Pyle (1963-64) / HOWARD McNEAR as Floyd Lawson / HAL SMITH as Otis Campbell (1960-67) / JACK DODSON as Howard Sprague (1966-68) / PAUL HARTMAN as Emmett Clark (1967-68) / BETTY LYNN as Thelma Lou (1960-65) / JACK BURNS as Warren Ferguson (1965-66) / PARLEY BAER as Mayor Stoner (1962-63) / KEN BERRY as Sam Jones (1968) / BURT MUSTIN as Jud Crowley (1961-66)



Fox / x30m-e / 2002

Sitcom. Former Conan O’Brien sidekick Andy Richter plays an aspiring short-story author whose active imagination (think Herman’s Head) sets him apart at his job as a writer of technical manuals.




NBC / 100x60m-e / 1962-71

Theme Music: Moon River by Henry Mancini, Johnny Mercer / Producers: Alan Bernard, Bob Finkel, Andy Williams

Entertainment. Variety series starring crooner Andy Williams. The New Christ Minstrels were a regular feature as were a pre famous Osmond clan.



CBS /39x30m-e / 1960 6 October 60 – 20 September 61 black and white

Sitcom. The Misadventures of the French bride Angel married to young architect John Smith.

With:- ANNIE FARGE as Angel / MARSHALL THOMPSON as John Smith / DORIS SINGLETON as Susie / DON KEEFER as George



Warner Bros./Kuzai Ent./ Sandollar Ent. / x60m-e / 1999-continuing

Creator/Executive Producer: Joss Whedon / Theme Music: Holly Knight, Cami Elen, Jymm Thomas

Fantasy drama series. Spin off from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. After being banished from Sunningdale, centuries old vampire Angel moves to Los Angeles, searching for redemption and souls to save, also there from Sunningdale is would be actress Cordelia Chase. GLENN QUINN’S character was killed off mid-way through season 1 – he was replaced by ALEXIS DENISOF as Wesley Wyndham-Price who came across from Buffy. In season 2 J AUGUST RICHARDS became a regular as Charles Gunn following a few guest appearances in the first season. Season Four: The season’s highlights were the return of three familiar faces: Angelus (Boreanaz, reveling in his vamp-and-camp moments), whose presence elicited visits from rogue slayer Faith (Eliza Dushku) and Sunnydale witch Willow (Alyson Hannigan). Faith is the ultimate anti-hero: a savior in the form of a snarling, leather-clad sexpot with a killer roundhouse kick and the rap sheet to back it up. She may have had a hard time getting along with the Scoobies, but she’s a perfect fit for the ironic and jaded L.A. crew. And it was great fun to see Willow’s reaction when she was reunited with a newly hunky Wes (Hannigan’s real-life fiance, Alexis Denisof) and to observe her budding interest in fellow brainiac Fred (Amy Acker). Willow’s perpetual perkiness also provided a nice contrast between life in Sunnydale and the City of Angels. Although she’s endearing (and powerful), her disposition reflects the different atmospheres of the two shows. Both revolve around battling demonic forces, but Buffy’s world promotes an attitude of optimism
that Angel’s hardly dares to suggest anymore, a testament to the vampire’s unavoidable Sunnydale exodus. Charisma Carpenter left to have a baby during season three but made occasional re-appearances.

With:- DAVID BOREANAZ as Angel / CHARISMA CARPENTER as Cordelia Chase / GLENN QUINN as Doyle / ELIZABETH ROHM as Kate Lockley / ALEXIS DENISOF as Wesley Wyndham-Price / J AUGUST RICHARDS as Charles Gunn