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Vice, The (ITV 1999-2003, Ken Stott, Anna Chancellor)



The Vice

Crime drama series The Vice detailed cases of Inspector Pat Chappel, a member of the Metropolitan police Vice Squad. One of the new breed of crime drama, that in the wake of Cracker, examined the seedier side of life on prime time TV.

Based in the heart of London’s West End and moving swiftly from the back streets of King’s Cross to the bars of Park Lane’s glamorous hotels, the work of the vice squad reveals a city of extraordinary social contrasts. A small dedicated team they all experience problems in their personal lives as they struggle to keep home life separate from the tough world in which they work.

A rookie vice squad officer is seduced by the tempting world of an escort agency and gets hooked on the thrill of meeting the girls. A teammate jeopardizes an under-cover operation when an underage juvenile becomes involved in the making of a porn film, while Chappel gets personally involved in an investigation into the murder of a prostitute.

Rob Pursey, executive producer says: “Chappel has totally immersed himself in the amoral world of vice, having sacrificed his own personal life. His uncompromising attitude often finds him at odds with his colleagues and his isolation brings him uncomfortably close to the prostitutes and pimps he is investigating.”

The final series saw Chappell kicked out of the force and working as a private eye.

production details
UK / ITV – Carlton / 18×60 minute episodes 4×90 minute episodes / Broadcast 4 January 1999 – 1 July 2003

Creator: Rob Pursey, Barry Simner / Script Editor: Sophie Johnson / Titles: Philip Dupee / Police Advisor: Michael Hoskins / Music: Julian Nott / Producer: Stephen Smallwood

KEN STOTT as Insp Pat Chappel
ANNA CHANCELLOR as Dr Christina Weir (seasons 1-2)
STRUAN RODGER as David Hinkley
DAVID HAREWOOD as Sgt Joe Robinson
MARC WARREN as PC Dougie Raymond (seasons 1-2)
CAROLINE CATZ as PC Sheryl Hutchins
GARRY COOPER as Supt Jeff Callard
HEATHER JAY-JONES as Natasha Hinkley
ROSIE MARCEL as PC Kirsty Morgan