Vietnam (Channel 10 1987, Nicole Kidman, Barry Otto)



Another Nicole Kidman headliner Vietnam charts some of the most turbulent years in the history of Australia, the Vietnam war. Kidman plays Megan Goddard, an active anti Vietnam campaigner even though her brother Phil is fighting in the war and her father Douglas is a senior Canberra public servant, seen through the eyes of the Goddard family Vietnam is a stunning piece of television, easily one of the best Australian drama series ever. By focusing on the family we truly get to see the human cost of the effects of war.

production details
Australia / Channel 10 – Kennedy Miller / 5×120 minutes / 1987

Writers: Chris Noonan, Terry Hayes, John Duigan
Camera: Geoff Burton
Design: Owen Williams
Costume: Kristian Frederikson
Music: William Motzing
Producers: Terry Hayes, Doug Mitchell, George Miller
Directors: John Duigan, Chris Noonan

BARRY OTTO as Douglas Goodard
VERONICA LANG as Evelyn Goddard
NICHOLAS EADIE as Phil Goddard
NICOLE KIDMAN as Megan Goddard
NOEL FERRIER as Sir Robert Menzies
HENRI SZEPS as Harold Hott
BRETT CLIMO as Ritchie
JIM HOLT as Lt Smart
MARK LEE as Laurie Fellows
LUCKY GRILLS as Sen. Shane Paltridge
DON REID as Paul Hasluck

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