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Virtual Murder (BBC-1 1992, Nicholas Clay, Kim Thomson)



Virtual Murder

Virtual Murder was a highly quirky crime drama series that was ahead of its time. It focused on criminal psychologist Dr John Cornelius and his partner Samantha Valentine as they investigated six generally off beat crimes. The first story features an ex-student of Cornelius’s who is blackmailing art galleries through his ability to make paintings melt!.

The duo, who are based at a university, quite often work with the police in the form of the trilby wearing Inspector Cadogan but their immediate superior Professor Griffiths is less than impressed at their shenanigans.

Virtual Murder is a bit like Jonathan Creek crossed with Ace of Wands at times and would clearly like to think itself akin to the eccentricity of The Avengers. VM had the working title of Nimrod and featured some good quality guest stars in the shape of Bernard Bresslaw, Enn Reitel, Helen Lederer and the like. The bantering dialogue between Cornelius and Valentine is probably its strongest aspect.

Virtual Murder

Kim Thomson as Samantha Valentine.

production details
UK / BBC One / 6×50 minute episodes / Broadcast 24 July – 28 August 1992

Creators/Producers: Harry Robertson, Brian Degas / Music: Harry Robertson / Technical Advisors: Doctor Clive Hollin, Professor Kevin Howells / Executive Producer: Barry Hanson

NICHOLAS CLAY as Dr John Cornelius
KIM THOMSON as Samantha Valentine
STEPHEN YARDLEY as Inspector Cadogan
ALAN DAVID as Prof Owen Griffiths
CAROLE BOND as Phoebe Littlejohn