Watch All Night (ITV Thriller, Lucinda Bateson)

In ITV family drama series Watch All Night teenager Tess Eveling (Lucinda Bateson) is excited to be spending time with her scientist father who is in London for a short visit. Her father is a nuclear scientist working for the middle Eastern state of Y-Bana. When he goes missing Tess and her friend Max (Robert Longden) is determined to get to the bottom of what is going on.

Tess’s father, Dr Gerald Buscombe (Paul Ratcliffe), had discovered that Y-Bana were planning to use his technology to create an atomic bomb. When he arrived in London he was carrying a top secret file revealing all – the Y-Bana secret police were not impressed and wanted it back.

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Cast: Lucinda Bateson as Tess Eveling; Robert Longden as Max; Ahmed Khalil as Colonel Ferrata; Tony Caunter as Detective Superintendent Coveney; Valerie Lilly as Vicki Fuller; Paul Ratcliffe as Doctor Gerald Buscombe; Peter Halliday as Miller; Kenton Moore as Boyle; Paul Humpoletz as Dewhurst; Johnny Shannon as Walters; Souad Faress as Xenia; Martin Dale as Colin Eveling

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Writer: John Foster / Production Design: Chris Wilkinson / Music: Doug Wootton / Producer: Pauline Shaw / Director: Richard Martin

UK / ITV – Granada / 7×25 minute episodes / 10 August – 21 September 1980

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