Watergate (History 2018)

Three part documentary Watergate chronicles one of the biggest criminal conspiracies in modern politics and features a roster of some of the most important media, legal and political figures from the scandal, including Carl Bernstein, Bob Woodward, John Dean, Jill Wine-Banks, Richard Ben-Veniste, and many others.

The current political climate in the U.S. has triggered renewed interest in the Watergate scandal. The film explores many of the same issues being debated today on a national level, including executive privilege and the handling of Presidential misconduct.

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production details
USA | History – Representational Pictures | 3×120 minutes | Broadcast from Friday 2 November 2018

Charles Ferguson as Producer and Director
Dana O’Keefe as Executive Producer
John Sloss as Executive Producer
Krista Parris as Producer
Michael Stiller as Executive Producer (History)
Molly Thompson as Executive Producer (History)

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