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West End Tales (ITV Sitcom, Robin Nedwell, Garfield Morgan)



In the Keith Waterhouse scripted sitcom West End Tales, a trio of low rent scoundrels, Fiddler (Robin Nedwell), The Bishop (Garfield Morgan) and Checkie (Larry Martyn) always have an eye out for the main chance regardless of the legalities. Sgt Dobbs (Peter Childs) kept a wary eye on them.

The TV Times for the week’s of it’s premiere (14 Feb 1981) had a feature on the non sex industry workers that populate Soho such as tailor Elias Christou whose shop was in the street that was turned into Duke’s Court for the series. Rarely for a sitcom it was mostly filmed on location. Soho was undergoing lots of changes at the time and the world of Fiddler and co was fast disappearing.

Cast: Robin Nedwell as Fiddler; Garfield Morgan as The Bishop; Larry Martyn as Checkie; Toni Palmer as Ma; Peter Childs as Sgt Dobbs; Susan Skipper as Tina

Writer: Keith Waterhouse / Music: Laurie Holloway / Producers: Colin Frewin, Keith Beckett / Director: James Gatward

UK / ITV – ATV / 7x30m-e / 1981 16 February – 6 April Mondays 8.00pm