Where the Heart Is (ITV 1997-2006, Sarah Lancashire, Pam Ferris)

Where the Heart Is (ITV 1997-2006, Sarah Lancashire, Pam Ferris).

What is the series about

Long running (10 seasons) heart-warming drama Where The Heart Is features the loves and lives of families living in the small Yorkshire town of Skelthwaite.

The first series focuses on two hard-working district nurses, Peggy Snow (Pam Ferris) and her sister-in-law Ruth Goddard (Sarah Lancashire). The plots gradually branch out to take in the wider community with each new series. Newer lead characters included Karen Buckley (Leslie Ash), glamorous single mum Kim Blakeney (Denise Van Outen) and the new sister at the health centre Anna Kirkwall (Lesley Dunlop).

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Memorable moments

There is high drama for the Snow family when Peggy and her daughter Lucy fight for life following a car accident. Several lead characters also meet a sticky end: from being killed in a house fire to death by runaway horse.


A single episode of Where the Heart Is took 11 days to film and another five weeks in post production.
Pam Ferris and Sarah Lancashire were both nominated for National TV Awards after the first two series.

production details

UK / ITV-1 – Anglia – United / 92×50 minute episodes / Broadcast 6 April 1997 – 10 September 2006

Creators: Vicky Featherstone, Ashley Pharoah / Titles: Judy Lysaght / Theme Music: Paddy McAloon / Technical Advisors: Margaret Tiffany, Belinda Marks / Executive Producers: Michele Buck, Damien Timmer / Producers: Kate Anthony, Ian Hopkins (2002)

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PAM FERRIS as Peggy Snow (- 16 July 2000)
SARAH LANCASHIRE as Ruth Goddard (Seasons 1-3)
THOMAS CRAIG as Simon Goddard
WILLIAM ASH as Stephen Snow
MARSHA THOMASON as Jacqui Richards (1998-99)
LESLEY DUNLOP as Anne Kirkwall(from season four)
VINCENZO PELLEGRINO as Chris Eckersley (from season four)
LESLIE ASH as Karen Buckley (from season four-season six)
PHILIP MIDDLEMISS as David Buckley (from season four)
JESSICA BAGLOW as Jess Buckley (from season four)
SAMANTHA GILES as Sally Boothe (from season 7)
KEITH BARRON as Alan Boothe (season 7)
ANDREW PAUL as Billy Boothe (season 7)
DENISE VAN OUTEN as Kim Blakeney

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