White Shadow, The (CBS 1978-1981, Ken Howard, Ed Bernard)



Drama series The White Shadow focused on Ken Reeves. Reeves was a one time professional basketball player with the Chicago Bulls but injury had forced him out of the game. He then took up a job as basketball coach at Los Angeles school Carver High.

The school was an inner city one with plenty of problems not just among the kids, Reeves however, found a new sense of purpose in his new role.

The series mainly focused on Ken and the members of his basketball team and regulars included Ken’s principal Jim Willis, Ken’s sister Katie Donahue and her husband Bill and also vice principal Sybil Buchanan.

Over the run of the show players came and went but the team managed to win the 1980 LA City Basketball Championship. Jim Willis was played by Jason Bernard in episode one.

production details
USA / CBS / x60 minute episodes / Broadcast Monday 27 November 1978 – Wednesday 12 August 1981

KEN HOWARD as Ken Reeves
ED BERNARD as Jim Willis
JOAN PRINGLE as Sybil Buchanan
THOMAS CARTER as James Hayward (1978-80)
KEVIN HOOKS as Morris Thorpe
ROBIN ROSE as Katie Donahue (1978-79)
JERRY FOGEL as Bill Donahue (1978-79)
ERIC KILPATRICK as Curtis Jackson (1978-80)
NATHAN COOK as Milton Reese
IRA AUGUSTAIN as Ricky Gomez (1978-80)
BYRON STEWART as Warren Coolidge

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