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Who Dares, Wins (Channel 4 Comedy, Tony Robinson, Rory McGrath)



Sketch series for a late night audience, often outrageous, always funny. Written by the cast and Drop the Dead Donkey creators Andy Hamilton and Guy Jenkin.

The cast was Rory McGrath, Tony Robinson, Philip Pope, Jimmy Mulville and Julia Hills. The best sketch involved a pair of Giant Pandas in a zoo who, whenever visitors were not about, worked on their escape plans.

Six month before the start of season one there was a one off special called Who Dares Wins A Week In Benidorm (broadcast 4 November 1983)

UK / Channel 4 – Holmes – Who Dares Wins Prod / 22×45 minute episodes 9×60 minute episodes / 12 May 1984 – 25 May 1988 1 special plus 4 seasons

Producers: Andy Hamilton, Denise O’Donoghue