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Who Gets The Dog? (ITV 2007, Kevin Whately, Alison Steadman)



In drama Who Gets The Dog? Middle-aged Jack and Jenny appear to have it all: solid jobs, a great home and a loving daughter, Claire.

But under the surface their marriage is at breaking point, and the final straw comes when Jenny discovers Jack has been having an affair.

Their friends advise them strongly against getting solicitors involved, but both are pushed into it by the actions of the other. Jenny hires the dynamic, sexy Tara Walker and Jack hires Steve Hollister, a young hotshot from a rival firm.

Tara and Steve meet at a Law Society event and are immediately attracted to each other. Their romantic interest is sharpened when they discover they are representing opposing clients.

The battleground of Jack and Jenny’s divorce becomes the platform on which Steve and Tara flirt. They make a bet on the outcome: whoever loses the divorce case will pay for a weekend away.

Unaware of the behind-the-scenes machinations of their solicitors, Jack and Jenny experience the pain of their lives being torn apart as their past mistakes are scrutinised. Even Bounder, the family dog is drawn into the conflict.

Who Gets The Dog?

production details
UK / ITV-1 – Company Pictures / 1×95 minute episode / Broadcast 2 December 2007

Writer: Guy Hibbert / Production Design: Maurice Cain / Executive Producers: George Faber, Charles Pattinson / Producer: Emma Burge / Director: Nick Renton

Kevin Whately as Jack Evans
Alison Steadman as Jenny Evans
Stephen Mangan as Steve Hollister
Emma Pierson as Tara Walker
Sinead Matthews as Claire Evans
Deborah Findlay as Pamela Wilson
David Gillespie as Clive Collingwood
Luke Mably as Hugo Delaney-Jones
Martin Hutson as Oliver Steinberg
Judy Flynn as Sue Sullivan
Badi Uzzaman as Harry Singh
Celia Montague as Julia Green
Thunchanok Brown as Mai Collingwood
Andy Robb as Philosophising Hippie
Hazel McBride as Female Judge
Peter Symonds as Male Judge