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Who Pays the Piper? (BBC Drama, Nigel Stock)



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Outside London there are five permanent symphony orchestras – all engaged in an unending struggle for existence. Dramatised documentary Who Pays the Piper? gives an impression of part of that struggle as it affects players, conductors, and administrators.

The play was billed as ‘A Score for City and Orchestra by John Elliot.’

Cast: Nigel Stock (General Manager), Gordon Gostelow (Neil), Harry Brunning (Harry), John Barrett (Frank), Harry Towb (Arthur), Averil Carmalt (Kathleen), Peter Collingwood (Bunny), Camilla Hasse (Eva Buchler), Peter Digby Smith (Payne), Reginald Marsh (Musical Director), Hilary Mason (Mildred), Clifford Cox (Percussion Player), Charles Carson (Chairman of Orchestral Committee), Robin Wentworth (Chairman of Finance Committee), Bill Horsley (Cellist), Maxwell Foster (City Treasurer), Marion Mathie (Arts Councill Assessor), Geoffrey Lumsden (President of Chamber of Commerce), Graham Suter (BBC Man), Nancy Adams (First Woman Concert-Goer), Hilary Bays (Second Woman Concert-Goer), Reginald Green (Male Concert-Goer), Peter Madden (Leader of Council), Dulcie Bowman (Patroness), Gabriel Woolf (Mr Wainwright)

Writer: John Elliot / Designer: Reece Pemberton / Producer: David E. Rose

UK / BBC / 1×60 minute episode / Broadcast Thursday 13 October 1960 at 9.45pm