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Without Motive (ITV Crime, Ross Kemp, Kenneth Cranham)



Without Motive ITV Crime, Ross Kemp

In ITV crime drama series Without Motive Detective Constable Jack Mowbray (Ross Kemp) is determined to track down an evil serial killer, pressured by his boss Detective Chief Superintendent Henderson, Mowbray (Kenneth Cranham) finds the case taking over to such an extent it begins to affect his family life. Season two was more of a straightforward crime drama series.

Cast: Ross Kemp (Detective Constable Jack Mowbray), Kenneth Cranham (Detective Chief Inspector Derek Henderson), Jane Hazlegrove (Woman Police Constable Margaret Walkinshaw), Ian Bartholomew (A.C.C. Ronnie Stocks), Simon Bowen (Detective Constable Frank Collins), William Bateman (Detective Constable Phil Leighton), Hazel Ellerby (Sally Mowbray), Jamie Foreman (Detective Constable Jim Boulter), Lou Gish (Detective Constable Linda Harris), Claire Huckle (Paula Mowbray), Sean Murray (Detective Inspector Monty Fowler), Howard Saddler (Detective Constable Trevor Richard)

Creator: Tim Vaughan / Executive Producers: Linda James, Tim Vaughan, Michele Buck / Music: John Keane / Producer: Chris Kelly

UK / ITV Network – HTV – United – Alibi) / 12×50 minutes / Broadcast 2 October 2000 – 1 November 2001