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Wolcott (ITV Crime, George William Harrris, Warren Clarke)



Wolcott ITV 1981

Drama serial Wolcott, which played over three successive nights was a surprisingly glossy and often violent tale of black policeman Winston Wolcott (George William Harris) who gets promoted to the C.I.D and finds himself involved in a turf war between rival gangs. Warren Clarke plays “businessman” Terry Rowe who has his finger in many dodgy pies.

Made with involvement by action adventure specialists ITC the serial was intended to act as a run in to a full blown series which never emerged. There are some interesting casting choices further down the cast list too with small roles for a trio of then very alternative comedians in the shape of Rik Mayall, Alexei Sayle and Keith Allen.

Cast: GEORGE WILLIAM HARRIS as Winston Churchill Wolcott; WARREN CLARKE as Terry Rowe; MARTIN DEMPSEY as Detective Inspector Gilligan; CLIVE MERRISON as Jeremy Godden; CHRISTINE LAHTI as Melinda Marin; MERDEL JORDINE as Cynthia Jerome; MONA HAMMOND as Mrs Wolcott; HUGH QUARSHIE as Dennis St George; RIK MAYALL as PC Fell; CHRISTOPHER ELLISON as Detective Inspector Bonham; CHRISTOPHER DRISCOLL as Sgt Paul; PAUL McDOWELL as Chief Superintendant Cosgrave; RAUL NEWNEY as Reuben Warre; ALEXEI SAYLE as Speaker in Market; ARCHIE POOL as Headphones; ELVIS PAYNE as Cecil Forbes; STEVEN WOODCOCK as Melville Groves; JULIA McCARTHY as Mrs Rose; KEITH ALLEN as Heckler; TERRY JOHN as Detective Constable Dunne; MARK BOND as Detective Constable Tipton; DAVID GILLIES as Detective Constable Willis; DINNY POWELL as Arthur; ASWAD as Band in Club; JOHN FOWLER as Goalkeeper

Writers: Barry Wasserman, Patrick Carroll / Music: Frank Ricotti / Producer: Jacky Stoller / Director: Colin Bucksey

UK / ITV – ATV – Black Lion Films / 1×110 minute episode 2×60 minute episodes / 13 – 15 January 1981