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World of Wooster, The (BBC One 1965, Ian Carmichael, Dennis Price)



Period comedy series. In the 1920’s silly ass Bertie Wooster is helped out of scrapes by his manservant Jeeves. In 1967 the title changed to the World of Wodehouse to take in more of Wodehouse’s characters.

Ian Carmichael as Bertie Wooster
Dennis Price as Jeeves
Derek Nimmo as Richard ‘Bingo’ Little
Tracy Reed as ‘Bobbie’ Wickham
Paul Whitsun-Jones as Sir Roderick Glossop
Fabia Drake as Aunt Agatha
Eleanor Summerfield as Aunt Dahlia
Deborah Stanford as Mrs Little

production info
First Air Date: May 30th, 1965
Last Air Date: November 16th, 1967
Country: UK
Network: BBC Two
Producer: Michael Mills
Writers: Richard Waring, Michael Mills
Stories: P.G. Wodehouse
Number of Seasons: 3
Number of Episodes: 20