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Yus My Dear (ITV Sitcom, Arthur Mullard, Queenie Watts)



Sitcom Yus My Dear was a sequel to Romany Jones which saw two of the characters from that show, Wally (Arthur Mullard) and Lilly Briggs (Queenie Watts), move from their gypsy caravan site to a proper home. Wally had even got himself a job on a building site. The only fly in the ointment is Wally’s sponging brother Benny (comedian Mike Reid) who has moved in with them much to Lily’s chagrin.

The series, written by On The Buses creators Ronald Wolfe and Ronald Chesney, was painted in very broad strokes and managed to notch up two seasons.

Cast: Arthur Mullard as Wally Briggs; Queenie Watts as Lily Briggs; Mike Reid as Benny Briggs; Valerie Walsh as Molly

Writers: Ronald Wolfe, Ronald Chesney / Producer and Director: Stuart Allen

UK / ITV – London Weekend Television / 19×30 minute episodes / 11 January – 4 December 1976