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Zen (BBC Crime, Rufus Sewell, Caterina Murino)



Zen BBC Crime, Rufus Sewell

Michael Dibdin’s crime novels are brought to life superbly in Zen. Set in Rome, Italy the series of feature length mysteries sees Detective Aurelio Zen (Rufus Sewell) tackling murder and other major crimes.

In the opening story Vendetta Zen is asked by the Ministry to re-open a case involving multiple murder. Also on hand is Zen’s love interest in the shape of Tania Moretti.

Good to see Dibdin’s excellent books getting the TV treatment, Sewell makes a first rate Zen and Murino is gorgeous as his girlfriend Tania. Zen himself is nicely complex actually, not afraid of doing things in an under handed way if it gets results.

He’s also nicely human which definitely makes a change when it comes to your average maverick copper. There is a level of dry humour too which also adds to the proceedings.

The guest casts were pretty high profile too with the likes of Greg Wise and Ben Miles making an appearance. A big part of the action was the wonderful city of Rome (and it’s surrounds) itself and it looked typically fabulous here.

Cast: RUFUS SEWELL as Aurelio Zen; CATERINA MURINO as Tania Moretti; BEN MILES as Amedeo Colonna; STANLEY TOWNSEND as Moscati; CATHERINE SPAAK as Mamma; FRANCESCO QUINN as Gilberto Nieddu; PETER GUINESS as Tito Spadola; ANTHONY HIGGINS as Guerchini

Producer: Michael Casey / Executive Producer: Andy Harries

UK / BBC1 – Left Bank Pictures / 3×90 minute episodes / Sunday 2 January – Sunday 16 January 2011 at 9.00pm

1. VENDETTA (2 Jan 2011)
2. CABAL (9 Jan 2011)
3. RAT KING (16 Jan 2011)