Zombie At 17 (Lifetime Sat 27 Oct 2018, Celeste Desjardins, Laura Fortier)

In Zombie At 17, with the exception of losing her older sister in a hit-and-run, 17-year-old Tia Scott has had a pretty normal life. That is until she starts exhibiting strange symptoms and realizes she’s caught a virus that’s slowly turning her into a zombie. Desperate to find a cure, the only person she trusts is a loner at school, Flynn, a self-proclaimed expert in all things paranormal. But Tia’s life gets even worse when a friend of her boyfriend, Connor, is murdered.

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Tia knows that Connor’s friend Jason is involved but going to the cops makes her a target and with the clock ticking until Tia’s too far gone to recover, she enlists the help of her mother Kate and a reclusive doctor in hopes they’ll stop the disease before Jason finds out she’s the snitch.

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USA | Lifetime | 1×120 minute | Broadcast Saturday 27 October 2018 at 8.00pm

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Celeste Desjardins
Laura Fortier
Seamus Patterson

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