2000 Acres Of Sky (BBC-1 2001-2003 Michelle Collins, Paul Kaye)

Drama series 2000 Acres Of Sky was set on the small Scottish island of Ronansay. The islanders are shocked to learn that if they dont get two more kids for their school on the island then it will have to close, they hit on the idea of advertising for a family to run the B&B on the island, London based single mum Abby gets the job but only by pretending to be married to her best friend Kenny.

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Season three began on 3 Jan 2003 and in the sixth episode of that season Kenny (PAUL KAYE) died in a boating accident.

production details
UK / BBC-1 Scotland – Zenith / 6×50 minute episodes 16×60 minute episodes / Broadcast 1 January 2001 – 21 February 2003

Music: John Lunn / Costume: Justine Pepperdine / Design: Chris Robilliard / Producer: Tony Redston / Executive Producers: Adrian Bate, Barbara McKissack

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PAUL KAYE as Kenny Marsh
MICHAEL CARTER as Douglas Raeburn
MONICA GIBB as Mary Fraser
JOHN STRAITON as Alistair MacLeod
TOM WATSON as Murdo Campbell
GEORGE ANTON as Malcolm Campbell
JOANNA ROTH as Helen Kennedy
ANDY GRAY as Big Jerry Kennedy
KAREN WESTWOOD as Carolyn Fraser
JENNY FOULDS as Heather McGowan (2002)

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