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Accused (BBC-1 2010-2012, Sean Bean, Sheridan Smith)



Accused Alison's Story

Accused was an anthology of two series of one off dramas from the mighty Jimmy McGovern who, it has to be said, is television’s current master of the single hard hitting drama, a writer from the old school, akin to someone like Alun Owen or Alan Bleasdale. The hook the series hangs on is one of crime and punishment, although this is no police procedural. It’s the story of various crimes, how the Accused came to be in the dock and what verdict was delivered. It’s pretty much irrelevent whether they are innocent or not it’s more the story of the circumstances that led them there.

Fabulous casting (McGovern’s work always attracts a high calibre of players) saw the likes of Christopher Eccleston, Juliet Stevenson, Marc Warren, Peter Capaldi, Andy Serkis, Naomie Harrie, Sheridan Smith, John Bishop, Sean Bean and Mackenzie Crook. The stories ranged from a fatal injury in the workplace, a falling out between parents, a cab driver looking for a way out and an army corporal who has a problem with taking orders.

Incidentally also during November 2010 another McGovern anthology series Moving On was airing on BBC One stripped across two weeks during the afternoon.

production details
UK / BBC One – RSJ Films / 10×60 minute episodes / Broadcast 15 November – 20 December 2010 and 14 August – 4 September 2012

Creator: Jimmy McGovern / Music: Adrian Johnston / Producer: Sita Williams / Executive Producers: Roxy Spencer, Jimmy McGovern, Sita Williams, Polly Hill / Directors: David Blair (episodes 1, 2, 5, 6) , Richard Laxton (episodes 3 and 4)

SEASON ONE 15 November – 20 December 2010
1. WILLY’S STORY (15 Nov 2010)
2. FRANKIE’S STORY (22 Nov 2010)
3. HELEN’S STORY (29 Nov 2010)
4. LIAM’S STORY (6 Dec 2010)
5. KENNY’S STORY (13 Dec 2010)
6. ALISON’S STORY (20 Dec 2010)