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Alice In Wonderland UK TV Versions



There have been many versions of Lewis Carroll’s fantasy.

1936: BBC D:George More O’Ferrall 1×25 minute episodes

1946: BBC D:George More O’Ferrall 1×40 minute episodes With:- VIVIEN PICKLES as Alice / Erik Chitty / Gwyneth Lewis

1960: BBC 1×70 minute episodes as The Adventures of Alice Writer/Producer: Charles Le Faux / cast GILLIAN FERGUSON as Alice

1966: BBC Director: JONATHAN Miller 1×80 minute episodes
With:- ANNE-MARIE MALIK as Alice / PETER COOK as The Mad Hatter / WILFRED LAWSON as Dormouse / MICHAEL GOUGH as The March Hare / also with John Gielgud, John Bird, Alan Bennett, Peter Sellers, Michael Redgrave and an uncredited Eric Idle.

1973: ALICE THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS Thames / Producer: Daphne Shadwell 12×15 minute episodes / castCAROL HOLLANDS as Alice

1973: ALICE THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS BBC2 / 1×75 minute episodes 25 December 9.15pm Writer/ Director: James McTaggart / Music:Herbert Chappell / Costume: Mary Woods / Design: Eileen Diss / Producer: Rosemary Hill / cast SARAH SUTTON as Alice / Geoffrey Bayldon as The White Knight / Brenda Bruce as The White Queen / Freddie Jones as Humpty Dumpty / Richard Pearson as The White King / Judy Parfitt as The Red Queen / Stanley Lebor as Goat&Carpenter / Jeffrey Segal as Man in White Paper / Jonathan Cecil as Old Father / Stephen Moore as Haigha / John Scott Martin as The Red King

1985:ALICE IN WONDERLAND / Anglia 5×25 minute episodes / cast GISELLE ANDREWS as Alice

1986: ALICE IN WONDERLAND / BBC Writer/Director:Barry Letts 4×30 minute episodes / cast KATE DORNING as Alice

1998: ALICE THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS / C4 Writer: Nick Vivian / Producers: Trevor Eve, Simon Johnson, / D:John Henderson 1×95 minute episodes cast KATE BECKINSALE as Alice / MICHAEL MEDWIN as Red King / SIAN PHILLIPS as Red Queen / GEOFFREY PALMER as White King / PENELOPE WILTON as White Queen / STEVE COOGAN as Gnat / GARY OLSEN as Tweedledum / MARC WARREN as Tweedledee / IAN HOLM as White Knight / GREG WISE as Red Knight / IAN RICHARDSON as Wasp

2000: ALICE IN WONDERLAND / C4-Hallmark-Babelsberg Int – GMBH / 1×15 minute episodes / 23 April Sunday 6.05pm / Writer: Peter Barnes / Director:Nick Willing / Titles: Chris Allies / Choreographer: Pat Garrett cast Tina Marjorino as Alice / Martin Short as The Mad Hatter / Miranda Richardson as The Queen of Hearts / Ben Kingsley as Major Caterpillar / Whoopi Goldberg as Cheshire Cat / Gene Wilder as The Mock Turtle / Robbie Coltrane as Tweedledum / George Wendt as Tweedledee / Christopher Lloyd as The White Knight / Pete Postlethwaite as Carpenter / Ken Dodd as Mr Mouse / Simon Russell Beale as The King of Hearts / Liz Smith as Miss Lory / Elizabeth Spriggs as Duchess / Peter Ustinov as The Walrus / Sheila Hancock as The Cook



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