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Alida (ITV 11 Dec 1962 with Hugh Sinclair and Jessica Dunning)



UK / ITV ‘Play of the Week’ / 1×60 minute episodes / Broadcast 11 December 1962

Writer: Paul Lee / Director: Peter Potter

Drama. A young sculptor finds himself becoming obsessed with the sculpted head of a young girl.

Hugh Sinclair as Nicholas Venner
Jessica Dunning as Rachel Winton
Jacqueline Ellis as Alida
Robin Palmer as Murray Winton
Mairhi Russell as Mary Lindsay
John Stuart as Sir George Morland
Ann Saker as Rita
Jane Eccles as Mrs Shepherd
Molly Hare as Emmy
John Grieve as Peter McKay
Patrick O’Connell as James Beldon
Elric Hooper as Tim Venner
Cameron Hall as Colonel Shepherd