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Always And Everyone (ITV 1999-2002 with Martin Shaw and Niamh Cusack)



UK / ITV – Granada / 40×60 minute episodes / 1999 – 2002

Producer:Francis Hopkinson / Script Editor: Diederick Santer / Costume: Alison Munro(Season 1), Sue Yelland(season 2) / Theme Music: Julian Brookhouse / Design: Taff Batley / Executive Producers: Susan Hogg, Simon Lewis,

Medical drama series. Stories of the doctors working in the hectic A&E department of large city hospital Saint Victors. From season three the title was shortened to simply A & E.

MARTIN SHAW as Robert Kingsford / NIAMH CUSACK as Christine Fletcher / DAVID HAREWOOD as Mike Gregson (to season three) / ESTHER HALL as Louise Macken (to season three) / PAUL WARRINER as Stuart Phelan (to season three?) / DAVID PARTRIDGE as David Scobie (to season three?) / JANE SCAVIN as Cathy Jordan (to season three?) / TAMZIN MALLESON as Kate Brady (to season three) / JANE DANSON as Sam Docherty (from season three) / MICHAEL KITCHEN as Jack Turner (from Season three) / BEN TAYLOR as James Da Costa (season three) – in the context of the show his character is well known as a TV medical boffin.

New Season Four regulars:- JAYE GRIFFITHS as Ruth Cole / JAMES MURRAY as Danny Barton / EMILY HAMILTON as Saskia Walker / PARMINDER NAGRA as Sunita Verma



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