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An Age of Kings (BBC 1960 with Robert Hardy and Sean Connery)



UK / BBC / 15×60 minute episodes / 28 April – 17 November 1960

Writer: William Shakespeare / Music: Sir Arthur Bliss / Producer: Peter Dews

The ambitious dramatization of five Shakespearean plays as an historical project.

In An Age of Kings, the kings in question were Richard II, Henry IV, Henry V, Henry VI and Richard III, as portrayed by William Shakespeare in his plays of the same titles. Spread over 15 episodes, a fortnight apart, the plays were dramatized in sequence to give the overall effect of depicting a continuous stretch (86 years) of British history.

Always as a backdrop was the lust for the throne and the burdens of wearing the crown. Michael Hayes directed the plays and the theme music was composed by Sir Arthur Bliss. Featured actors included Robert Hardy, Paul Daneman, David Williams, Sean Connery and Eileen Atkins.



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